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Author: Tyler Peterson

Tyler was born and raised in Athens, Georgia. As a boy, his father used to take him to Braves and Falcons games where he quickly developed a love for sports. While his personal career didn’t get much further than little league games and high school football, he found a way to connect his appreciation for athleticism with his new passion, writing. After graduating from the University of Texas with a master’s in journalism, Tyler started his own sports blog which mainly focused on fantasy sports tactics and predictions for Football, Hockey, and Baseball. He and his friends currently take part in a private league, which although friendly in nature is fiercely competitive. In addition to his blog, Tyler freelance writers for several top sports betting and sports predicting websites. Whether it’s breaking down the latest statistics to give you an informed outcome of a big game or just chatting about who’s hot this season, Tyler’s expertise shines through his work.

Author: Tyler Peterson
Author:Tyler Peterson
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