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The Top Sports Betting Sites in West Virginia

About two months after PAPSA was repealed, lawmakers pushed through the West Virginia Lottery Sports Wagering Act. This made it the 5th state to legalize sports betting. Sign up to one of the best sportsbooks the Mountaineer State has to offer here:

The Journey to Make Online Sports Betting Legal in W.V.

The state had debated online gambling for quite some time. It backed New Jersey in the pursuit of overturning PAPSA. Act H 2934 was made law before the final verdict on PAPSA came through from the Supreme Court. A key clause in this act legalized sports betting as soon as this federal law was overruled.

Once the law was repealed, lawmakers quickly passed legislation backed by lobbyists from the NBA and MLB. State Governor Jim Justice opted to delay the West Virginia sports betting bill rather than sign it into law or veto it. With his family owning one of the premier destinations for sports betting – The Greenbrier Resort – holding up the bill was no doubt a move to avoid accusations of personal interest on his part.

On August 30th, 2018, the Hollywood Casino took the first legal sports betting wager in the state. Since then, many of the most popular sportsbooks have introduced their products to West Virginia. Players can place bets at a licensed location, online at a website, or through a dedicated app. To engage in sports betting, residents must be 21+ and use one of the regulated and licensed locations. Any online sportsbook must have a brick-and-mortar location within the state, while all offshore companies are banned.

How Will Online Casinos in the Mountain State Be Licensed & Taxed?

With some massive leaps forward in the past few years, such as Act H 2934 that legalized online casinos following the repeal of PAPSA, further legislation still needs to be passed to finalize the licensing and taxation of them in the Mountain State.

There are currently some sites that claim to offer residents of West Virginia online gambling, however, the state does not regulate these. Sites like these could be security risks that leak the personal and financial data of customers. They could even wrongfully hold any winnings you might try to claim, and you would have no governing body to turn to for support. It will be much better to instead wait until licensed and regulated sites appear. You can follow W.V.’s progress on this page and sign up to the best online casinos that the state regulates, once they are announced.

For now, gamblers can head to one of the brick-and-mortar sports betting casinos in West Virginia. There are several locations that offer this alongside their other casino games. One of the most famous destinations in the state for casino sports betting is The Greenbrier Resort. This iconic venue is now home to a brick-and-mortar FanDuel location – the first deal between this company and a US resort – in addition to their standard games. The Mountaineer and Hollywood casinos also offer brick-and-mortar sportsbooks.

Online Poker in West Virginia

Online poker is another gambling area legalized by Act H 2934. Though many of the casinos offer it, West Virginia is still in the process of legalizing the online version of this card game. If players want to try their hand at it, they should wait until the state has granted licenses.

The issue with choosing a site that claims to offer online poker in W.V. just now is that, like with online casinos, there is no way to guarantee that the site is truly safe. Regulation at a state level means that a site has the approval of the legislators and that the company itself has agreed to certain restrictions and laws. Any site that does not meet these criteria cannot be a viable location for online poker and gambling in the state.

Of course, you can still enjoy poker at one of the brick-and-mortar casinos before any online sites go live. Heading to one of these is going to be your best bet if you want to play it. We can expect the state to award the first licenses for online poker later in 2020. We will report any updates and progress in relation to online poker in West Virginia on this page.

Top Daily Fantasy Sports Sites in W.V

Following the legalization of sports betting, fantasy sports have launched across the state. If you want to get involved with this fun form of gambling, then register at one of our recommended daily fantasy sports providers today.

West Virginia’s Favorite Daily Fantasy Sports Sites

Top sportsbooks like FanDuel and DraftKings have both launched apps that include their fantasy sports in the state. FanDuel’s products were launched in August of 2019 in collaboration with their activities at The Greenbrier Resort.

You must be within the state borders to use fantasy sports apps. By using a player’s geo-location from their smartphone proving they are in West Virginia, online gambling regulators and legislators have ensured that they will be able to monitor who uses these apps in a safe and controlled manner. It’s important to note that you must be 18+ to participate in fantasy sports in this state.

The Mountain State’s Online Lottery

The West Virginia Lottery was established in 1984 following a referendum. Players can buy tickets for several small daily online lottery draws and keno games. They can also choose to buy tickets for larger multi-jurisdictional games such as Powerball, Mega Millions, and Lotto America. One of the largest wins for the Powerball game came from the state when Jack Whittaker won $314.9 million in 2002.  

Tickets can only be bought from retailers around W.V. with the winning lottery numbers announced through the official lottery site, live draw streams, and radio and tv broadcasts. Like fantasy sports, players must be 18+ to purchase tickets for the lottery.

Other Important Gambling Facts About West Virginia

The West Virginia Lottery Commission is the regulating body for sports betting in the Mountain State. Sportsbooks’ licenses and renewals are set at $100,000 and the licensing body expects to introduce something similar for online casinos and poker sites.

The lotto has generated more than $10.4 billion in funds that it has reinvested back into state projects. Of this figure, more $3.4 billion has gone to education, $1.3 billion has gone to senior citizens and projects, and $1.1 billion has been put into tourism and the state parks.

Though there are no major sports teams, there are plenty of teams in the state for people to choose from. Betting on nationwide sports is permitted, as is collegiate sports betting. On the other hand, betting on high school sports events is not permitted, and betting on eSports is only permitted if all participants of the game are 18+.

How Will Online Gambling in West Virginia Progress?

The move to legalize sportsbooks and online casino gambling in W.V. is a positive sign for the future of betting in the state. With the new legislation coming into play soon, residents will be able to enjoy many types of online gaming and gambling in a safe and regulated environment.

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