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Gambling in Alabama

Gambling in Alabama has historically been restricted and opposed by lawmakers and residents of the Yellowhammer State alike. However, key changes are now being proposed that might see sports betting and other types of gambling emerge. Before long, Alabamans may be able to enjoy several ways to gamble legally without having to cross a state border.

Gambling in Alabama has historically been restricted and opposed by lawmakers and residents of the Yellowhammer State alike. However, key changes are now being proposed that might see sports betting and other types of gambling emerge. Before long, Alabamans may be able to enjoy several ways to gamble legally without having to cross a state border.

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Online Sports Betting Alabama

In Alabama, online sports betting is heavily restricted. However, neighboring Mississippi recently changed its laws to allow sports betting at brick-and-mortar locations for those over the age of 21. With more and more states legalizing sports betting, and to prevent people from hopping state borders to place bets in Mississippi, we might soon see sports gambling become a legal form of gambling in Alabama. The legal gambling age in Alabama is 21 in casinos but 18 in pari-mutuel facilities. Lawmakers will likely opt for the higher limit if sports betting is introduced to impose some stronger controls.

When it comes to legalizing betting on sports online Alabama has already made a few key moves. House Representative John W. Rogers has submitted HB 336 for consideration to the Committee on Economic Development and Tourism. Should this bill make it into law, new regulations will be introduced that will allow sports betting online. Alabama residents will be able to enjoy this pastime without having to visit a neighboring state.

You can follow the progress of this bill on this page.

Online Casinos Alabama

With a traditionally conservative background, it is unsurprising to find that there are few opportunities for casino gambling in Alabama. Thanks to the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988, you can head to several tribal casinos owned by the Poarch Band of Creek Indians. These casinos have been opposed by the state government, but they have managed to stay open despite action taken against them. The resorts of Biloxi, Mississippi are also around an hour’s drive away. Betting on some pari-mutuel events like greyhound racing is permitted.

However, when it comes to finding a regulated casino online, Alabama residents will find pickings a little. Many overseas sites might claim to offer play here, but they cannot be considered safe as they are not regulated by the state government.

It is unlikely that we will see a bill soon that will aim to legalize casino gambling in Alabama. If one does appear, you will be able to follow its progress here on this page.

Online Poker Alabama

A similar story emerges for poker. As with casinos, poker sites are not a legal form of gambling in Alabama. Any overseas sites that claim to welcome players cannot be trusted. These sites have not been regulated by the government of Alabama. Online poker legality is a real issue and you should not engage in betting at any sites that claim to offer a workaround to the laws.

It is also unlikely that these attitudes will change anytime soon. Should poker be included in any bill to regulate casino gambling, you will be able to find details on this page.

Top Alabama Daily Fantasy Sites

In 2019, HB 361 was passed, allowing the state to properly regulate daily fantasy sports. Alabama residents can now sign up for several different sites to play. Check out some of our favorites here:

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Daily Fantasy Alabama

In Alabama, daily fantasy sports existed but operators had left the state in 2016 when then-Attorney General Luther Strange opined that they were illegal. Three years later this was overturned when HB 361 was filed by a group of Representatives in 2019 and was signed into law by Governor Kay Ivey in June of that year.

Most interestingly, it gave the companies who had been operating in Alabama before a clearing period of up to 180 days to re-establish themselves before opening a free market. This includes popular operators FanDuel and Draft Kings.

Online Lottery Alabama

There is no lottery in Alabama. It is one of five states that does not offer this style of game. With its position right in the heart of the Bible Belt and more conservative attitudes, it is not surprising that a lottery has never formed.

To form a lottery here, a referendum would need to be passed by the voters of Alabama. The last time they had the chance was back in 1999 when Don Siegelman was elected to the post of Governor with pro-lottery policies. The lottery was rejected by 54% of voters. The funds from the lottery would have gone to education, mainly K-12 funds and college tuition. If Alabama was to hold another referendum on a lottery, the funds would no doubt go to similar recipients.

Keep an eye on this page for updates if a new lottery referendum is proposed for the Yellowhammer State.

Other Important Gambling Facts Alabama

Should HB 336 make it into law, sportsbooks would need to pay a tax of 10% on gross revenue earned from those engaging in sports gambling in Alabama. Licenses will be given to pari-mutuel facilities for an initial fee of $100,000. Licenses will last five years and will cost $100,000 for each renewal.

All daily fantasy sports operators in Alabama need to be registered with the Attorney General. Operators with a national revenue of over $10 million must pay an initial and then annual renewal fee of $85,000. This is $1000 for all other operators. The tax rate for all operators is set at 10.5% of gross revenue.

Gambling Alabama Conclusion

Is gambling legal in Alabama? It may be highly restricted, but that doesn’t mean that change is not coming. The new sports betting bill and the legalization of daily fantasy sports spell out some great things for the Yellowhammer State. Further regulation of gambling in Alabama might be closer at hand than we think.


Gambling is not completely prohibited in Alabama, but it is highly restricted. You can engage in daily fantasy sports, or you can head to one of the licensed gaming facilities, such as a tribal casino or a pari-mutuel facility. All other forms of gambling are highly controlled.

You can currently gamble online through daily fantasy sports in Alabama.

Despite being banned by the Attorney General in 2016, daily fantasy sports have once again returned to Alabama. Thanks to new legislation, daily fantasy sports have been legal in Alabama since June of 2019.

DraftKings are permitted to operate in Alabama. They have been able to legally offer their products since June of 2019.


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