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Gambling Legally in Michigan

Thanks to new laws, Michigan is likely to fully legalize gambling within this decade. From sports betting to online casinos, lawmakers are writing new bills and introducing new legislation. Players in the Great Lakes State will now get the chance to indulge in fair and legal gambling, and online play.

Thanks to new laws, Michigan is likely to fully legalize gambling within this decade. From sports betting to online casinos, lawmakers are writing new bills and introducing new legislation. Players in the Great Lakes State will now get the chance to indulge in fair and legal gambling, and online play.

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The Journey to Legalize Sports Betting in Michigan

Is sports betting legal in Michigan? Why yes! It has been legal ever since the state signed the Lawful Sports Betting Act into law. State Representative Brandt Iden fought to introduce legal sports betting for several years, with his previous attempt halted by a veto from then-Governor Rick Snyder. In December 2019, the new Governor Gretchen Whitmer was happy to put pen to paper and sign HB 4916 to legalize sports betting. Michigan then became the 20th state to legalize this form of gambling.

In Michigan sports betting is now legal, but the state has not issued any licenses yet. Many people believe that retail sportsbooks will start appearing around the Spring 2020. This means that anyone searching for how to bet on sports in Michigan will be able to visit a retail sportsbook soon to place a bet on their favorite teams. When it comes to online sports betting, lawmakers in Michigan are taking a little longer, with many people expecting the online version to arrive in this state by 2021. In total, three commercial casinos and 23 tribal casinos will be able to offer it soon.

Keep an eye on this page to find out when sports betting is fully available in Michigan, in both retail locations and online.

New Laws Will Allow Online Casinos in Michigan

Thanks to new laws in Michigan, online gambling at casino websites that the government regulates will soon be available. Representative Iden also introduced HB 4311, or the Lawful Internet Gaming Act. Governor Whitmer has also signed this act has into law, meaning we might soon see licenses emerge for online casinos in Michigan. The state will only grant them to those who also run a brick-and-mortar casino in this state. While timelines are a little trickier to determine, many think that these online casino sites will be ready to accept players in 2021.

For now, players might feel the urge to indulge in playing online at overseas casinos that claim to accept players from Michigan, but they should not consider these sites as safe places to play. They could sell your personal and sensitive data, or they could even withhold winnings without any warning. As there is no regulating body you can turn to, it can be difficult to fight the casino if this were to happen. Michigan will introduce legal online casinos, so players should be patient and wait for them.

If players want to indulge in some casino betting before this, they can head to one of the many commercial or tribal ones around the state. They will be the first places to launch online casino gambling in Michigan. By heading to one of these, you can decide whether you like their brand and the games they have on offer. It might help you make an informed decision about which online casino destination is right for you once the platforms are live.

We will also be able to help you with that decision. You will be able to find all the latest information on this page about online casinos in Michigan as they go live.

The Legalization of Online Poker in Michigan

Casino games aren’t the only form of gaming coming to Michigan because HB 4311 also legalized internet poker. In addition to launching online casino games, we will likely see these regulated casinos launch poker rooms. HB 4311 will allow casinos to operate two separate brands; one for their casino-style games, and one for online poker. The state government, however, might limit residents to playing poker games withing state borders.

Other states that have legalized online poker have also agreed to multijurisdictional games. This means that a player in Nevada could load a game of online poker and find themselves playing against people from Delaware and other states. There have been no signs that lawmakers in Michigan are going to introduce regulations to cover this style of play. It could open a significant portion of the national market if they chose to do so.

In the meantime, players should avoid any sites that claim to offer poker to residents in Michigan. Like with online casinos, this style of play is not safe and could result in you losing any winnings. Online poker rooms will soon be available for players in Michigan. Keep an eye on this page to find out when they will be going live, and the best sites for you to play at.

The Top Daily Fantasy Sports Sites in Michigan

Daily fantasy sports had been in Michigan for several years, but HB 4311 finally put in place solid restrictions to legalize this form of gambling here. Sign up to one of our favorite fantasy sports providers in the Great Lakes State here.

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Hey partner, We're sorry to inform you that we don't have any deals available just now. Currently, we are vetting regulated online gambling and betting sites for every state. In a few weeks you'll find our pick of the best sites right here, so check back soon. In the meantime, you might be interested in learning more about daily fantasy sports and how to play them.


How Daily Fantasy Sports Sites Became Legal in Michigan

Thanks to the new laws that HB 4311 introduced in Michigan, online gambling in the form of daily fantasy sports is now legal and regulated. Before, many of the popular providers offered their services in this state, however, the lack of regulation meant that they technically existed in a gray area. HB 4311 finally helps fantasy sports operators and players alike know exactly where they stand.

The great thing about already having the operators in place is that there will be little to no transition period. Unlike with the online casinos and poker rooms, fantasy sports providers like DraftKings and FanDuel already have their infrastructure ready. Once they have secured their licenses from the state government, they will be able to offer their products in a legal and fully regulated manner.

The Online Lottery in Michigan

The Michigan Lottery was launched on November 23, 1972, with the first $1 million jackpot win coming in February of 1973. It was the first state to offer Mega Millions, first called The Big Game, which was introduced on August 31, 1996.

Nowadays, players can take part in a variety of games. The scratch games range from $1 to $30 in price and can have prizes up to $4 million. Draw games include dailies and keno, plus the lottery jackpot. Players can also take part in the multijurisdictional draws Lucky for Life, Powerball, and Mega Millions.

Since 2014, players have been able to play the Michigan Lotto online. To do so, you must be a resident of Michigan and located within state borders. You must also be 18+ to play. Players can purchase tickets from the Michigan Lottery website or one of the many retailers around the state. By signing up for a free account, players will also gain access to Second Chance games.

Other Important Gambling Facts About Michigan

The new betting laws have laid out the tax and licensing laws for all forms of gambling in Michigan. The betting tax for sportsbooks will be set at 8.4%, plus an extra 1.25% Detroit City tax for commercial casinos based there. License fees will be set at $100,000 with a $50,000 renewal fee, except for daily fantasy sports which has a license fee of $20,000. The state will tax internet casinos between 20-28% depending on their gross gaming revenue.

The revenue will go to several different causes. The state will give 30% of the tax revenue to the city the casino is in, for neighborhood development programs and other projects. Then, it will give 5% to the Michigan Agriculture Equine Industry Development Fund, and the remaining 65% will go to state funds.

Revenue from the lottery goes to the Michigan School Aid Fund, which benefits K-12 education. The lottery has given more than 23.4 billion to Michigan schools since 1972. In 2019, they gave approximately $1.07 billion to this fund. This equaled approximately $700 for every student in Michigan school districts.

The Future of Gambling in Michigan

These new laws are bringing exciting times to Michigan. Online gambling platforms should be live across sports betting and casino games by 2021. With all these new regulations, players in Michigan will soon be able to enjoy many types of gambling in a completely safe manner.


Yes, online gambling is legal in Michigan but few platforms have launched to support it. Lawmakers think online sports betting and casinos will go live by 2021.

Yes, you can legally play online poker for money in Michigan but there are currently no government regulated sites live for you to play at. Such platforms should be live by 2021.

Yes, Michigan does allow sports betting. Operators will introduce retail sports betting shops in 2020 and many people think that mobile sports betting will be live by 2021.

Yes, fantasy football is legal in Michigan.


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