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Gambling in Mississippi

Mississippi gambling laws have been lenient compared to other states in the Deep South. The Magnolia State was one of the first to legalize sports betting at retail locations and a bill is now moving through government to also introduce online sports betting. Should this prove successful, we may also see other forms of gambling in Mississippi become legal.

Mississippi gambling laws have been lenient compared to other states in the Deep South. The Magnolia State was one of the first to legalize sports betting at retail locations and a bill is now moving through government to also introduce online sports betting. Should this prove successful, we may also see other forms of gambling in Mississippi become legal.

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Online Sports Betting Mississippi

Attitudes to betting in Mississippi have always been favorable due to the state’s many riverboat casinos. Therefore, it was unsurprising when the government began to make changes to their laws after a new conversation stuck up nationally about the legality of sports betting. Mississippi removed a key line from their Gaming Control Act when introducing daily fantasy sports in 2017 – “No wagering shall be allowed on the outcome of any athletic event, nor on any matter to be determined during an athletic event, which does not take place on the premises.”

With this gone, Mississippi gambling laws were poised to change should sports betting be legalized at a federal level. In 2018, the Supreme Court over-ruled the 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act and placed control of sports betting back in the hands of states like Mississippi. Sports betting regulations were released by the Mississippi Gaming Commission in draft form and passed into law after a 30-day review.

The first legal sports bets were then placed in Mississippi on the 1st of August 2018. If you are aged 21+, you can now place sports bets at one of the 23 casinos that also offer sports betting in Mississippi. Online gambling is currently only permitted inside those establishments for now, but this might be changing.

State Senators Scott DeLano and Juan Barnett have sponsored SB2613 and SB2614 respectively. If either of these bills passes into law, it will allow sportsbooks to apply for gaming licenses that will allow them to offer their products over the internet. These bills have now gone to the Senate Gaming Committee for review. You can follow the progress of the bills on this page.

Online Casinos Mississippi

Gambling in Mississippi is synonymous with riverboat casinos. Gambling has taken place along the Gulf Coast since before the state even existed. The casino clubs were hotspots throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and were frequented with many famous faces over the years. In 1990, the Mississippi Gaming Control Act introduced formal regulations. In 1992, the first riverboat casino arrived in the state. Following the devastation of 2005’s Hurricane Katrina to the coastal towns, further changes were made to allow the casinos to rebuild a minimum of 800ft away from the shore.

With so many casinos throughout Mississippi, online gambling is a topic that has been discussed often. There are currently no bills filed that might legalize online casinos in this state. Currently in Mississippi, online casinos are banned. No casinos can offer their games within the state and the government currently has no plans to introduce licenses that would regulate online play.

As with many other states, some players think they can get around this by playing at offshore casinos. This can never be recommended at Legalbetting. We feel that the best place to play will always be an online casino that has been vetted and regulated by the state government. Overseas casinos might appear to be legitimate but there is no guarantee that they are secure. For now, players need to wait for some changes to the Mississippi gambling laws if they want to gamble online. There is no shortage of brick-and-mortar casinos to head to if you want to play casino games.

Should changes be made to Mississippi gambling regulations, you will be able to follow their progress here.

Online Poker Mississippi

As with casino games in Mississippi, poker online is heavily restricted. Players can head to one of the brick-and-mortar or riverboat casinos if they want to play some cards, but they might find their options more limited online.

No poker sites have licenses that allow them to legally operate in the state of Mississippi. Online gambling is offered by overseas sites that claim to allow American players. However, there are no ways to verify that these sites are safe to play at. They could easily steal your winnings and a player in this situation would have no regulating body to turn to for help. For now, it is safer to keep poker games reserved for the live rooms in casinos instead.

With Mississippi’s positive attitude to gambling and new legislation for online sports gambling on the move, the state might one day decide to regulate online poker. What’s more, new online legislation allowing multijurisdictional games in other states will no doubt prove enticing to the gaming authorities here. Enacting such a law would allow Mississippi poker lovers to play against players in other states without ever leaving state borders. Should any new act be introduced, you will be able to find out more details about it here.

Top Mississippi Daily Fantasy Sites

Following the 2017 Fantasy Contest Act, daily fantasy sports are considered a legal and regulated form of gambling in Mississippi. Sign up to one of our favorite daily fantasy sports providers here.

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Daily Fantasy Mississippi

Daily fantasy sports have gained significant popularity in the past few years. Many states besides Mississippi have created regulations to cover this area. In the Magnolia State, the 2017 Fantasy Contest Act dictates daily fantasy sports operations. This was introduced by State Representative Richard Bennett as House Bill 967 in January of 2017 and was signed into law by then-Governor Phil Bryant later that year.

Players can choose to play at many of the popular sites such as DraftKings and FanDuel. You must be 18+ to participate in these types of games. Daily fantasy sports games using collegiate teams are not permitted in Mississippi, despite sports bets placed on college games being perfectly legal.

Online Lottery Mississippi

The Mississippi State Lottery is one of the most recent lotteries to be launched in the USA. The Alyce G. Clarke Mississippi Act was passed by the state’s House of Representatives on August 28, 2018. Then-Governor Bryant signed the bill into law on August 31. $2.5 million worth of sales were recorded on November 25, 2019, the first day tickets were sold, and a total of $8.9 million sales were recorded in the first week.

Currently, players can enjoy twenty different scratch games. They can also take part in the multijurisdictional draw games Powerball and Mega Millions. You must be 21+ to buy tickets and they can be bought from retailers all around the state. Currently, you cannot buy tickets for the Mississippi Lottery online, though you can check the results for the games at the official website.

Other Important Gambling Facts Mississippi

Mississippi gambling laws have very clear rules about taxation and licensing. Casinos currently pay a 12 % tax on revenue, with 8% going to the state and 4% to the local government. Daily fantasy operators play $5000 for a 3-year permit that allows them to offer their games. They then pay 8% tax on net revenue

Should online sports betting be introduced, sportsbooks will be taxed between 4-8% depending on how much gross revenue they take. This revenue will likely go to similar projects as the casinos.

The Mississippi government has big plans for the revenue earned from the new lottery. $80 million in net proceeds will be given to the State Highway Fund. Any proceeds above this threshold will be given to the state’s Education Enhancement Fund. This payment plan will be in place until June 30, 2028. From July 1, 2028, these funds will first pass through the Lottery Proceeds Fund. Based on the revenue from other state lotteries, there should be little issue meeting these targets. Hopefully, the lottery will be able to benefit the citizens of Mississippi greatly.

Gambling Mississippi Conclusion

With the new changes to sports betting leading the way in Mississippi, online gambling might become more regulated soon. This flood of regulations to the sports betting industry and the lottery might prompt the government to look at online casinos and poker games soon. Residents of the Magnolia State might be able to enjoy many types of online gambling in a legal and regulated way.


Gambling in Mississippi has been available since before the state existed. Nowadays, you can head to a riverboat, commercial, or tribal casinos to enjoy some legal gambling.

Mississippi legalized gambling formally in 1990 with the Mississippi Gaming Control Act, but many forms of gambling existed in the state for years before this.

You can currently bet on sports in Mississippi at one of the 23 casinos that have sportsbooks. New regulations are currently being reviewed that could legalize online sports betting throughout the state.


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