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Capital One Arena, located in Washington, D.C., is now ready to open its sportsbook despite the ongoing pandemic. Courtesy of William Hill, this sportsbook will be featured in the arena and will be the first arena sportsbook available in the country.

The sportsbook is now ready to take cash and for fans to start placing bets. You can sign up on-site if you do not have a William Hill account, but make sure you have everything you need. This current area is only a temporary location until the construction is completed by the fall of 2020.

Sportsbook Offerings

All of the sports bets will be processed within the arena’s box office. That area consists of seven sports betting windows and nine kiosks that will be operated by William Hill. They are all, of course, spaced out to adhere to social distancing precautions.

The sportsbook will be fully operational and to allow in-person visitors, even with the COVID-19 pandemic. The staff will be wearing masks, gloves, and even customers with the necessary access for hand sanitizers.

About William Hill

William Hill has been a very active sportsbook since the 2019 deal for Washington D.C. They are the exclusive sports betting partner of the Washington Capitals, Washington Wizards, Washington Mystics, and Monumental Sports & Entertainment. Monumental Sports owns all three of the sports league franchises as well as the Capital One Arena.

First Of Its Kind

Most of the sportsbooks found across the United States are typically located within casinos. This partnership will mark the first time a sportsbook has opened within a major sports arena.

The Washington Capitals and the Washington Wizards call Capital One Arena home. You can see how fans might enjoy this more than going to the casino for these particular events.

The goal is to provide fans access to sports betting among the entertainment side of things. This is a great step that Capital One Arena now provides.

The Future Of Arena Sportsbooks

Capital One Arena expects to have around a million additional visitors per year now since the addition of the in-person sportsbook. The future of the sportsbook and the arena appears to be very bright.

Once construction is finally completed by fall, this could result in a game-changer for the arena as well as sports betting in general.

Fans in the area are highly passionate about sports, and the addition of the sportsbook seems to be a potential natural fit. This will provide a great engagement on fans betting on their favorite team while they watch in person.


This marks the first-ever partnership in action for a sportsbook and an arena. It is an exciting movement and holds the potential to be a long term success for the Washington D.C. area.

Fans will be able to place bets and then go watch the game in real-time. This move has all the right features for more traffic to these events and for more money-making opportunities for the arena.

Depending upon the success of this newer partnership, you might be able to see other parts of the country follow through with their own partnerships of sportsbooks and arenas. This will actually be a good thing if others follow through.

Time will tell if this deal works out to its potential. If other sportsbooks can make deals with other parts of the country, it might levitate some negativity towards sports betting that some areas of the U.S. might have.

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