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Illinois Quickly Slams Door on Online Sportsbook Registration

The State of Illinois had an exciting experience with their online gambling registration. They had been in talks to allow for online registration for a while, but you had to go to a casino to get the process done physically.

Just recently, Governor J.B Pritzker put in Executive Order 2020-41 and had been adding updates to this coronavirus issue. This particular order temporarily allowed for online gambling and sportsbook registration without physically traveling to a casino to do so.

Twists and Turns for Illinois Sports Betting

Given the recent success that this executive order had created, it would make sense for the governor to do so again. However, it might not appear again until after the coronavirus has calmed down considerably. Looking at the market for casinos in Illinois, you can find roughly 10 of them. The issue with this order expiring is that now people will have to travel to these land-based casinos to get the registration completed for any online gambling activities.

One casino, Rivers Casino, tried to get up and go after debuting in March but had to shut down due to this pandemic quickly. If Illinois had more casinos and was easily accessible across the state, this might not be as big of a deal for most people.

Future Effects From This OrderWhen Pritzker first signed the Sports Wagering Act back in July 2019, it was required that the first 18 months of this had to have people physically go to land-based casinos if they wanted to register for an online gambling account. Most people were not very thrilled at this action, but they had a small window of opportunity to at least get started with online sports betting.

A wild change of events led to Pritzker waiving the requirement temporarily so that people could do this from the comfort of their home. Finally, this action was reversed, and that is where we are now.

This is creating a somewhat shaky start to the whole online gambling process in the state. The entire movement for a temporary online gambling registration was to keep people from traveling and keep some casinos in business with cash flow

.Since this order has been left out, it makes you wonder why they would encourage people to travel again if they believe this coronavirus is getting worse? People are not happy either way, and it just gets more confusing; the more time goes on.


The state of Illinois had it and lost it when it comes to secure access for online gambling registration. Now people are forced again to get out and go to a land-based casino to complete their online process.

If Illinois had more casinos, this would not be as big of an issue. People go come and go as they please across the state, and this would not be as much of a hassle for many.Pritzker had a good idea in place, but it is unsure why that particular order was left to expire so soon and left out of the next one. Time will tell if he will add it to another one.

With the new rise in cases for the coronavirus, the state might be left with no other choice but to include this order again or find another alternative, so people do not have to get out still. Illinois has made the online gambling process enjoyable as they move forward.

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