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Land-based casinos in New York still have no idea when they will be allowed to reopen, despite the state beginning to awaken from its slumber. 

Some parts of the state have moved into phase four of reopening, of which casinos were expected to be a part of. 

But these venues will remain shut, as will movie theaters, as the “government reviews the facts”. 

Casinos in neighboring New Jersey reopened ahead of the July 4th weekend, while those in Maine will be allowed to welcome customers back soon. 

A cautious approach is preferred 

Casinos in New York have been closed since March, much like the rest of the country. 

As of the morning of July 8th GMT, there have been 402,000 confirmed cases statewide. However, the situation has improved dramatically in recent months. 

While some parts of New York State have moved into phase four of reopening, New York City has moved into the third stage. 

Rather than opening up the entire state on the same terms at once, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is choosing to do things on a region-by-region basis. As he goes along, he is making reviews as to what should and shouldn’t happen in each area. 

The Albany Business Review reports that New York “has brought the spread of coronavirus under control after experiencing the nation’s largest outbreak this spring”. To ensure that the progress is not undone, a measured approach to reopening movie theaters and casinos is being adopted. This is despite casinos beginning to reopen their doors around the US, though strict safety measures are in place. 

In his latest update, Cuomo had the following to say on the situation. 

“We are closely monitoring the gauges on the reopening valve to see if the infection or hospitalization rate is going up, and we will tighten or loosen the valve as necessary depending on the data. If we see spikes in data or lack of compliance, we will slow down the reopening valve and adjust as necessary.

“New York City goes into Phase III but with no indoor dining. The numbers show we are right where we want to be, but what’s happening around the country is a cold reminder that we need to continue being cautious and smart and disciplined – no one wants to go back to the hell that we went through.”

Some nearby states reopening their casinos; other US venues adopting new closing measures

As is unsurprising for a country as big as the US, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to how reopening the economy should be achieved. On the other side of the Hudson River, Atlantic City casinos reopened last Thursday at a capacity limit of 25% of what they are usually allowed. Meanwhile, Massachusetts venues are being allowed to open from this week. 

Elsewhere in the northeast of the country, casinos in Maine will be allowed to welcome back customers after the state agreed to a coronavirus safety plan. 

But these reopenings don’t mean that New York is the only state with its casinos still closed – far from that, in fact. Some venues elsewhere have partially suspended their offerings, as a result of a spike in cases. These include poker rooms in Los Angeles, California, while Don Laughlin’s Riverside Resort Hotel & Casino in Nevada is temporarily suspending its table game operations. 

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