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Sports Betting is Currently Illegal in Oklahoma

Many states have introduced some form of sports betting in recent years, but the situation is a little more complicated in Oklahoma. The state currently prohibits sports betting online and in brick-and-mortar locations, with players having no way to engage with it in OK.

2018 saw lawmakers submit HB 3375 to the legislators of Oklahoma. State Representatives Kevin Wallace and Chuck Hoskin and State Senator Anastasia Pittman sponsored the bill. It sought to expand the powers of the tribal casinos throughout the state and allow them to set up sports pools. Then-Governor Mary Fallin signed the bill into law in April of 2018, however none of the tribes have opted to use this specific clause to create sportsbooks at their casinos.

As sportsbooks and betting on sports flourishes across other states, either the government or the tribes may decide to visit this issue again. Keep an eye on this page for updates on sports betting in Oklahoma.

Gambling at Online Casinos Remains Illegal in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is one of the best states to head to for tribal casinos. There are over 100 located throughout the Sooner State. Many of the major cities have a tribal casino somewhere nearby, so you are never too far from one. Legal online casinos are another matter entirely.

The government does not permit the tribes to run their casinos online, so chances are that those offering play to residents have their bases outside of Oklahoma. You should avoid online casinos like these as the state government does not regulate them, nor do they conform to the regulations the tribes use to keep their gaming fair.

For residents to be able to enjoy legal gambling at an online casino, lawmakers in OK are going to have to speak to the tribes and potentially change their agreements to allow them to set up sites. Online casinos are yet to flourish in the US in the same way sports betting or daily fantasy sports have. For now, gambling at an online casino in Oklahoma is not possible, but you can still visit one of the many brick-and-mortar ones to play your favorite games.

How to Legally Play Poker in Oklahoma

Poker is available at many of the casinos throughout Oklahoma. The tribal casinos have poker tables and regularly host tournaments and other events for casino lovers in the Sooner State. However, there is no way to legally play poker online here.

As with many other states, some unregulated sites claim to allow residents to play. In OK, the state does not strictly prohibit online poker, but players can receive a misdemeanor if law enforcement officers catch them playing these games. As the state government does not control these sites, you should avoid playing at them. If lawmakers introduce a bill that legalizes online poker as a form of gambling in Oklahoma, you will find out more information about it here.

Does the Oklahoma Government Regulate Daily Fantasy Sports?

With daily fantasy contests rising in popularity, it is unsurprising to see these games in Oklahoma. Daily fantasy sports exist here, as they do in many other states, in a legal gray area. Though there are no laws strictly banning them, there are also none to regulate them and make them safe for players.

While the major providers like FanDuel and DraftKings do make their products available to those in this state, players should refrain from using them until there are some clear regulations in place. Lawmakers are hesitant to introduce regulations such as these, as they don’t know how they would impact the casino-owning tribes.

However, if the state does introduce any legislation of this nature, you will be able to find out what it means for gambling in Oklahoma on this page.

Playing the State Lottery in Oklahoma

In the 2004 general election, Oklahoma voters had the option to also vote for the creation of a state lottery – and they did. With that, the Oklahoma Lottery began offering tickets in October 2005. Currently, players must be 18+ to buy tickets and can do so from many retailers around the state.

The in-state games are two daily-draws and players can also choose to participate in Lotto America, Powerball, Mega Millions, and Lucky for Life. You can check the winning numbers on the official website or by signing up for email or text alerts.

Other Important Gambling Information About Oklahoma

HB 3375 introduced some changes to the agreements between the casino-operating tribes and the government if they chose to adopt them. Any tribe that enacts sports pools or non-house banked table games must pay 10% of the monthly net wins in tax. 88% of this would go to the Education Reform Revolving Fund while 12% would go to the General Revenue Fund.

Revenue from the Oklahoma Lottery goes to the Oklahoma Education Lottery Trust Fund. It has given approximately $950 million to this fund since 2005. It then gives the money directly to school budgets through the State Legislation and District Administration.

The Future of Gambling in Oklahoma

Gambling law in Oklahoma is overdue an upgrade to bring it into modern times. The tribal casinos in the state could benefit massively from introducing proper sports betting protocols and online casino regulations to their agreements. We shall hopefully see some major changes arise in the gambling world of the Sooner State in the not too distant future.

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