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Online slots are virtual versions of the slot machines you’ll find in physical casinos. However, online casino slots offer fantastic advantages over their physical counterparts. You can look forward to amazing bonuses, a massive variety of online slots and bigger wins when you play at the top online casinos. Check out our recommendations below, sign up, and start spinning the reels!

Play Online Slots at Top Real Money Sites
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Why Play Real Money Slots?

There are a number of important differences that make online slots more attractive and profitable than land based slot machines:


Play whenever you want and wherever you want.


Bonuses are offered by most reputable online casino sites.


Higher return-to-player percentage than land-based casinos.


One of the major perks of playing slots online, is that you’ll be able to play whenever you want without having to step foot in a physical casino. Plus, you no longer have to wait ages for your turn to play a desirable slot.


All land-based casinos are restricted by physical space, and in turn, the amount of slot machines they can house. On the other hand, the top online casinos can offer an expansive selection of entertaining online casino slots that are constantly updated with the very latest and greatest titles.


Why settle for less, when you could get so much more? Our recommended online casinos offer incredible bonuses once you’ve made a deposit. You’ll be able to use these bonuses to try out all of the slots that appeal to you without having to use your own money.

Return to Player (RTP)

The RTP refers to the percentage of money a slot will return. For example, a 97% RTP machine will return $97 out of the $100 it receives – the higher the percentage, the better. Online casino slots usually have RTP over 96% whereas physical slot machines have a RTP of 70% up to 90%.

The Benefits of a Bonus to Play Slots

If you’d like to get the best online casino slots experience, be sure to claim your bonuses from our reputable casinos. Not only will you have a larger bankroll to play with, but you’ll also be able to enjoy your favorite online slots for longer. Here’s a look at the different types of slot bonuses you can claim:

Deposit Bonus
Welcome Bonus

A bonus that is usually received after your first deposit.

no deposit bonus
No Deposit Bonus

A bonus that doesn’t depend on a deposit.

free spins
Free Spins

Free rounds offered for certain online slots.

Welcome Bonus

This bonus usually matches your initial deposit by a percentage. You can count on an offer of at least 100% but a lot of the more generous casinos offer more. These bonuses enable you to familiarize yourself with the casino and all of the games they have on offer so that you can find the best online slots for real money.

No Deposit Bonus

These bonuses are similar to welcome bonuses but aren’t dependent on you making a deposit before receiving them. You’ll be able to use these bonuses to explore new games as they come along or to simply try something new.

Free Spins

As the name suggests, you’ll get free spins on specific online slots. These free spins sometimes accompany welcome bonuses so that you can try a popular slot straight away without having to go on the hunt for something good. At other times, free spins are made available when a new game is released, to hype it up.

How to Play Online Slots for Real Money

When you’ve decided to play online slots for real money, you’ll be up and running in a matter of minutes. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Step-by-step Online Slots Real Money Guide

  • 1

    Pick one of our recommended casinos.

  • 2

    Register an account. You might need to do account verification via email.

  • 3

    Make a deposit. You can choose to claim your welcome bonus.

  • 4

    Find a game you like. You’ll be able to select your preferred coin size, which is another way of saying how many cents or dollars should represent a single coin

  • 5

    Then, decide how many coins per line and how many lines you’d like to bet on.

  • 6

    Spin the reels and enjoy your real money slot.

Types of Online Slots

As with all casino games, you’ll find a number of exciting slots online with different features and rules. We’ll highlight the popular types and what they offer you in terms of gameplay and entertainment.

Classic Slots

Classic slots, also called  3-reel slots, are based on the original one-armed bandit machines in physical casinos. The basic version of these nostalgic slots has a single payline running through the center but you’ll also find other versions that have top, middle and bottom paylines.

Video Slots

Video slots are wildly popular with online slots players and feature every conceivable theme you can think of. They usually have 5 reels and offer substantially more paylines, exciting animations, graphics and videos to create an immersive gaming experience. These slots usually feature a variety of bonus symbols, extra mini-games, gamble features and free spins for an extra dose of excitement.

Progressive Slots These games are similar to video slots with the exception that they’re linked to a network of games that share a jackpot. Every time a player spins on one of these slots, the jackpot increases, that is until a player strikes it lucky. It’s not uncommon for some of these progressive jackpots to reach millions of dollars!

Different Online Slot Features

The most popular features make online gambling with slots for real money more exciting, engaging and of course more enjoyable.

Wild Symbols

A wild symbol can be described as the slot version of a joker in a deck of cards. It’s a substitute for a symbol that could complete a winning line. For example, if you have four matching symbols and a wild symbol on the video slot payline, the wild stands in as a fifth matching symbol.

Scatter Symbols

These special symbols are quite rare and are used to unlock special bonus rounds or free spin rounds. You’ll usually need to get at least three of these symbols in a spin to win or unlock a special feature, provided the game you’re playing has a special feature. The symbols don’t have to be on the same payline, but can be scattered across the reels.

Multiplier Symbols

As the name suggests, these symbols multiply any winning combination they’re a part of. The common multipliers are x2, x3, x4 and x5, but many online slots for real money have multipliers with higher values. Multipliers found in free spin rounds usually work in a different way to offer you even more winning opportunities, but this is largely dependent on the game and developer.

Bonus Rounds

These exciting extra rounds are built into some video slots to heighten a player’s excitement and of course the chance to win more. As already mentioned, scatter symbols can unlock bonus rounds, but certain games also have dedicated symbols that reveal special bonus rounds.

Online Slots Strategy

As slots use random number generators, it’s wise to remember that the results are totally random and that it’s down to luck, but if you follow these basic strategies you can improve your luck when playing the best online slots for real money:

RTP is a key to picking a game that could very well pay out more often. If you’ve got a choice between a game with a lower RTP and one with a higher RTP, always pick the higher RTP.

If you have a small bankroll, stick to low variance slots. These will give you small but frequent payouts. It might not earn you a lot of money, but it will keep you playing without burning through your allocated money.


Our guide dealt with the different types of online casino slots that pay real money, how to play them as well as the basic strategies to follow so that your gameplay is even more enjoyable. Register to play at one of our recommended online casinos that offer you the very best online real money slots and of course truly amazing bonuses!

Online Slots FAQs

Yes, you can win when playing online slots for real money.

Our recommended casinos offer you the best online slots for real money. If you use your own money for a slot you stand to win real money.

This is dependent on RTP and the volatility of the slots.

Our recommended casinos award wins on online slots played with real money in the USA.

Our top online casinos have the best slots to win real money. Just pick your favorite type of slot.


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