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Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Wisconsin?

Currently, sports betting of any sort is not permitted in Wisconsin. Though many states have chosen to introduce some form of sports betting, or even just a bill to open a conversation, this has not happened in the Badger State. Online sports betting is even less likely to flourish as there is no retail presence to back it up.

To introduce online sports betting, laws in Wisconsin would have to be changed, including the state’s constitution. However, with the states around WI introducing this for their bettors, legislators may start making changes sooner rather than later. A lot of revenue can be generated for a state that chooses to tax sports betting, and Wisconsin is missing out on this revenue.

Another option would be for the federally recognized tribes of the state to renegotiate their gaming compacts to allow sports betting. Other states have headed down this path, and it could be a viable way to launch legal sports betting in Wisconsin.

However, if the state government decides to do it, it needs to start with the right bill. If a bill is introduced that could bring sports betting to the Badger State, you will be able to read more about it here.

Are Casinos Legal in Wisconsin?

Though sports betting may be off the cards, players can still enjoy one of the many options for casino gambling in Wisconsin. This state has 26 casinos, 19 of which are owned by the federally recognized native tribes. You will be able to find all the games you love here, from slots to tables games. The land-based casinos in Wisconsin certainly don’t let players down.

Online casino play is a slightly different matter. There are no regulated online casinos to play at, and unregulated sites cannot be considered safe. To launch a state-regulated online casino, Wisconsin law is going to need to change. Whether a new compact is negotiated between the state government and the tribes or a wholly new platform is launched, it will take a lot of hard work on both sides.

News about a potential online casino will be covered on this page if any announcements are made.

Can You Play Online Poker in Wisconsin?

As with online casinos in Wisconsin, online poker sites are similarly not looked on favorably. Many offshore and unregulated sites claim to offer memberships for players in WI. Online poker legislation does not exist in this state, however, so such sites cannot be considered safe places to bet.

Should you want to enjoy some games of poker alongside other forms of gambling in Wisconsin, your best move would be to head to one of the tribal casinos around the state. For now, it seems that legal online poker is a long way off in Wisconsin. Online poker legalization news will be covered here if a bill is introduced that could see a platform launched for players in this state.

Is DFS Legal in Wisconsin?

In Wisconsin, daily fantasy sports (DFS) operate but have not been fully regulated by the state government. This is the case for many states across the USA. While popular fantasy sports operators like FanDuel and DraftKings offer their products here, they do so without the legal backing of the state.

There have been several attempts over the past years, led by State Representative Tyler Vorpagel, to introduce some form of concrete regulations to make DFS as safe as possible for fantasy sports fans. However, each of these bills has failed to make it into law.

You should hold off on engaging with these sites until there is some form of concrete regulation in place. If a new bill is introduced, you will be able to follow its progress here.

What Is the Best Lottery to Play in Wisconsin?

The first Wisconsin lottery was run by the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin in the 1980s. In 1988, the official Wisconsin Lottery was launched with the tickets going on sale in September of that year. Until 2003, the Lottery ran a television show called Wisconsin Lottery Money Game in addition to their draws, which allowed players to compete for the chance to win $50,000.

Nowadays, you can take part in several daily draw games, including the jackpot game of SuperCash! There is also a twice-weekly jackpot called Wisconsin’s Megabucks, and players can also take part in the multijurisdictional Mega Millions and Powerball. You must be 18+ to buy tickets, which can be found at retailers around the state. Winning numbers are announced in televised draws and can also be checked at the lottery’s official website. Since 1988, $15.3 billion has been gathered in revenue by the Wisconsin Lottery. Over 93% of that has gone back to winners, retailers, and Wisconsin residents. This includes the $4.6 billion that has been given to the government to be paid to homeowners as Property Tax Credits.

The Future of Gambling in Wisconsin

Currently, it may seem like the gambling laws in Wisconsin are prohibiting the growth of a safe and regulated market. However, these laws can always change, and state representatives are already putting in the work to alter opinions around the state. We may see new bills to legalize many areas of gambling flourish in Wisconsin before too long.

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