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Online Sports Betting Wyoming

Sports betting is currently not a legal form of gambling in Wyoming. Despite the state having a long and proud relationship with sports – in particular, collegiate sports – there have been no successful attempts to legalize sports wagering.

The latest move was HB 225, introduced by State Representative Tom Walters in February 2020. The bill would have made online sports betting legal in the Equality State, but it failed its third reading and was discarded.

However, it does show that the lawmakers are considering introducing sports betting to Wyoming. Sports betting online would be incredibly beneficial in this sparsely populated state and would allow more people to engage with it compared to if they had to journey to a retail location.

The conversation surrounding sports gambling in Wyoming is in its infancy; especially when compared to the progress made in other states. Nevertheless, there is a chance that we will see sports betting come to this state soon. Keep an eye on this page for coverage of any bills that could legalize sports betting here.

Online Casinos Wyoming

The gambling laws in Wyoming prohibit gambling to tribal-owned facilities and several racetracks around the state. There are four tribal-owned casinos here, all of which can be found in the Wind River Indian Reservation. Two of these casinos, the Wind River and Shoshone Rose, are Class III gaming facilities offering some card-based table games. Players can also head to one of the racetracks around the state to take part in pari-mutuel betting on historic racing games.

Players may occasionally find an overseas site that claims to offer their services to US players. However, sites like this should be avoided at all costs. They are not regulated, and you have no guarantee that you will be safe while playing there.

The attitudes surrounding gambling in Wyoming are slowly shifting. Rep. Walters also introduced HB 234 in February, which would have regulated “skill-based amusement games” and allowed operators to introduce them throughout the state. While this bill was also shot down, it does show that legislators in Wyoming are beginning to consider expanding gambling.

Should a new bill emerge that could expand gambling in Wyoming further, you will be able to find out more about it on this page.

Online Poker Wyoming

Poker can be found at the casinos in Wyoming that are licensed to offer card games. These are the only places you will be able to play the game for real money within this state. As with online casinos, some sites claim to allow people to play online poker from Wyoming. However, these sites are unregulated and not safe to play at.

For now, it seems unlikely we will see online poker in Wyoming. Real money games need a fair bit of regulation and lawmakers are likely to turn their attention to sports betting and other casino games before tackling online poker rooms.

That does not mean that we will never see the legalization of online poker in Wyoming. Any bills that seek to expand the current gambling laws and introduce online play may have some clauses explicitly talking about online poker. If such a bill is brought forward, you will be able to find out more about it here.

Daily Fantasy Wyoming

As with other many states in the US, in Wyoming daily fantasy sports are not yet fully regulated. They have not gone so far as to outlaw them, as a few states have done, but there are also no official laws in place to protect consumers.

Though many of the top fantasy sports providers offer their products here, they are not regulated by the state government. While you can use their services, we recommend that players refrain from doing so until there are concrete regulations in place to protect consumer rights.

Should such plans ever be put in place by lawmakers in Wyoming, you will be able to find out about them here.

Online Lottery Wyoming

The Wyoming Lottery Corporation was created in March 2013, after then-Governor Matt Mead authorized its creation. In August 2014, 400 official Wyoming Lottery retailers began selling tickets for the games.

Most unusually, the law prohibits residents from taking part in scratchcards and other instant win games, making them and North Dakota the only lottery corporations to prohibits the use of scratchcards.

Players can take part in the multijurisdictional games Powerball, Mega Millions, and Lucky for Life. There is also an in-state jackpot that draws on Mondays and Thursdays. Winning numbers can be checked online at the Lottery’s official website.

Other Important Gambling Facts Wyoming

Though the Lottery only started in 2014, it has already sold over 4.5 million tickets and awarded over $65 million in prizes. The revenue earned from the Lottery is transferred directly back to the residents of Wyoming. The Lottery passes it to the state treasurer, who in turn distributes it to the counties and towns throughout the state.

This money is used for various projects as the towns see fit and has also been used for state-wide events such as the State Fair. Since the Lottery’s inception, over $18.4 million has been transferred back to the residents of Wyoming.

Gambling Wyoming Conclusion

Though betting opportunities are limited, there is a healthy conversation springing up surrounding gambling in Wyoming. Thanks to the efforts of key voices like Rep. Walters, legislators may soon begin to consider sports betting and an expansion to casino games in earnest, bringing more legal and safe betting opportunities to the people of the Equality State.

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