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Online Gambling in Colorado

Colorado might not offer many opportunities for online gambling yet, but that will soon change. Thanks to amendments to the law and new bills working towards the regulation of casinos, gambling online in CO will soon be available. Let's take a closer look at the legal standing of it in the Centennial State.

Colorado might not offer many opportunities for online gambling yet, but that will soon change. Thanks to amendments to the law and new bills working towards the regulation of casinos, gambling online in CO will soon be available. Let's take a closer look at the legal standing of it in the Centennial State.

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The Future of Online Sports Betting in Colorado

Currently, betting on sports in Colorado is illegal. You cannot place bets on your favorite sports teams, however the future looks bright. In November of 2019, voters passed Proposition DD by 51.41%. This authorizes legislature needed for both online bets and new sportsbook outlets that will no doubt pop up once lawmakers work out the legislation.

People believe that gamblers will be able to place bets as early as May 2020. If the law goes live on this date, there is a Rockies vs Phillies game on May 1st that might make the perfect first opportunity for legal sports gambling in Colorado. The Kentucky Derby also starts on May 2nd.

Are Online Casinos Available in Colorado?

Anyone trying to play at an online casino while in Colorado will find their options limited as they are currently not legal in the state. It is something of a gray area; since online gambling in the state is not explicitly banned by law, some online casinos allow residents to play.

However, you can’t always trust sites that offer such a service. The state does not regulate them and with that comes a variety of issues. In addition to potentially being completely illegal, these sites might not be the safest place to send your financial data. Until a legal online casino appears in Colorado, it will be better to refrain from playing at these sites.

In terms of a real money online casino in the Centennial State, it might be closer than we think. The legalization of online sportsbooks also includes some terms for the regulation of sports betting through online casinos. The state might allow websites that offer both casino games and sportsbooks to offer their sportsbook services to those players gambling in Colorado. This should hopefully lead to some regulations legalizing online casinos. We will post updates on this page accordingly and will be ready to recommend the best online casinos when this happens.

If you still want to try your hand at a casino game in the meantime, you could head to one of Colorado’s many brick-and-mortar casinos. There are about 40 throughout the state, and they offer many popular games. These are a mix of charitable, commercial, and tribal casinos. Players should head to Black Hawk if they want to play live casino games. This former mining town is now home to 18 of the state’s casinos. The legal gambling age in CO is 21 and many places are very strict about this and will always check a patron’s ID before allowing them to play.

Online Poker in Colorado

Like casino sites, online poker lives in the gray area of gambling on the internet in the Centennial State. Many online destinations claim to offer opportunities for residents of this and other states, however, there is always a risk that these sites are not safe to gamble at. Colorado considers online poker to be a game of skill, which is great news for trying to change legislation. However, there are no moves currently to introduce bills for the legalization of it. Should legislators introduce a bill, we will post updates on this page.

For now, anyone dreaming of playing online poker at the best real money sites in Colorado will instead have to go to a brick-and-mortar location. Whether you prefer poker or another game, one of these casinos will be your best bet for now. Though online poker games in CO might be far off, there are plenty of options for players who want to try their hand at this game offline.

The Top Daily Fantasy Sports Sites in Colorado

One of the few forms of legal gambling in Colorado is fantasy sports sites. Thanks to House Bill 16-1401 in 2016, players have been able to enjoy the best sports available at one of the DFS providers.

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How Do Daily Fantasy Sports Sites Work in Colorado?

Colorado legalized fantasy sports on June 10th, 2016 when Governor John Hickenlooper signed House Bill 16-1401. Fantasy sports are a popular pastime across many states. This is often one of the first forms of betting that states legalize when they begin to relax their laws, so -unsurprisingly – this was the first online gambling venture for the Centennial State.

The top fantasy sports sites all allow the state’s residents to play. FanDuelDraftKings, and Fantasy Drafts are three of the biggest names in daily fantasy sports. Both FanDuel and DraftKings also offer sports betting opportunities. With the introduction of new legislation for sports betting, we may see these companies among the forefront of vendors offering online sports betting opportunities in Colorado. They will already have an established fanbase from their daily fantasy sports games and it would be easy for them to introduce products to these players.

The Online Lottery in Colorado

The Colorado Lottery has been running since 1983, with the first draw taking place on April 23rd of that year. It offers three games at a state level; Pick 3, Cash 5, and Colorado Lotto+. Cash 5 has a minimum jackpot of $20,000 and Colorado Lotto+ has a jackpot that starts at $1,000,000. Players can also take part in the multi-jurisdictional games Lucky for Life, Powerball and Mega Millions, with all participants having to be 18+ to purchase lottery tickets.

Though there is currently no official app for playing the Colorado Lottery, you can experience the online lottery in CO by playing at their official site. You can also sign up for their free MyLottery membership scheme that offers alerts about your favorite games, bonus draws, and exclusive competitions.

Other Important Gambling Facts About Colorado

With gambling in Colorado moving towards regulation at a state level, there are several factors you need to consider when placing a bet in the state. Fantasy sports cannot use any team from a collegiate level or below. Since the law bans betting on college or high school sports for fantasy games, we can expect the same restrictions to apply should legislation introduce legal online sports betting.

If you choose to visit one of the casinos in a location like Black Hawk, you need to be aware of the wage restrictions. Following Colorado Amendment 50 in 2008, the state raised limits from $5 maximum on a single wager to $100 maximum. Legislators might enact a similar restriction for sports betting.

When the Colorado state government begins to regulate sports betting, they will take a 10% tax from the revenue that sportsbooks earn. This tax revenue will fund state-wide water projects.

Sports betting revenue is not the only form of betting that is taxed. Since 1992, 50% of proceeds from the Colorado Lottery has gone to the Great Outdoors Colorado trust fund. They then distribute this to local governments and trusts. 40% goes to the Conservation Trust Fund, while the other 10% heads to Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Across the history of the Colorado Lottery, they have so far invested an estimated $3.4 billion back into the wild spaces and parks of the Centennial State.

What’s Next for Online Gambling in Colorado?

Online gambling in CO has a long way to go until the state fully legalizes it. However, there have been many positive advancements that could lead to online casinos and poker in addition to sportsbooks and daily fantasy sports on offer. You’ll continue to find all the updates on this page as they emerge.


Yes, there are a few options for online gambling in CO, such as daily fantasy sports providers and the lottery. The state does not allow online casinos and poker rooms, though you can head to any of the its brick-and-mortar casinos to play the games you love.

Gambling is available at casinos throughout the state. Players can also choose to play in one of the many online daily fantasy leagues. Lottery players must be 18+ to participate, whereas you must be 21+ to participate in other forms of gambling.

Though Colorado has not yet fully legalized sports betting, the electorate passed Proposition DD in November of 2019. This allows sportsbooks to legally offer betting opportunities for professional sports. Many people believe that this new legislation will come into effect in May 2020.

Online casinos are not legal in Colorado, however you will be able to attend one of the brick-and-mortar casinos to play instead. The state has legalized all Commercial, tribal, and charitable casinos.


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