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The Top Sports Betting Sites in Iowa

Lawmakers introduced Bill HF 2448 in 2018 but it did not pass into law until it evolved into SF 617 in 2019. Following the passing of this bill, legislators introduced sports betting across the state. Sign up to one of our favorite sportsbooks in Iowa here.

The Journey of Online Sports Betting in Iowa

Like many other states, sports betting in Iowa was once restricted by the 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA). However, thanks to a case raised by New Jersey and other states, the Supreme Court overruled PASPA in 2018 and many states then began to investigate legalizing sports betting themselves. Legislators in IA decided to visit an earlier bill, HF 2448, that would introduce many new regulations and opportunities for the state’s betting markets.

On August 15th, 2019, lawmakers launched retail and mobile sports betting. In Iowa, players can enjoy legal online sports betting through regulated apps, however you must head to a corresponding casino to sign up for these. This is an easy way for lawmakers to ensure that players are in the state when making their bets and, combined with geofencing, will no doubt help them to regulate players until 2021 when they drop this clause.

Sports have always been a key part of life in the Hawkeye State. Gambling on sporting events is just going to allow residents to engage with their favorite sports in new ways. Four major college teams play in NCAA Division I across all sports and college games always get large turnouts. Though there are no professional major league sports in the state, there are many minor leagues that are popular. Sports betting has already proved to be a hit in IA, with an estimated $46 million in sports wagers placed in October.

Are Online Casinos Available to Play at in Iowa?

In Iowa, the state has never strictly banned gambling at online casinos, but legislation has prohibited players from sites that the state does not regulate. No such licenses have yet been introduced and so there is nowhere for residents to bet in a regulated environment online.

Some sites claim that it is fine to play at overseas sites instead to get around this. Players should always look for sites that the Iowa government regulates as these are the ones that are completely safe. Overseas sites have not received the same scrutiny and they will not be as safe to play at. There is a chance that they will steal your data, or they may even withhold payments instead of immediately delivering your winnings.

Of course, another option would be to visit a brick-and-mortar casino. There are over twenty around the state and many of them also contain sportsbooks. If you decide to stop by one of these, sports betting might be a great way to break up a session at a casino in Iowa.

At casinos in Iowa, the same operators as the online providers will offer sports betting. You will have to head to one of these casinos to sign up for the operator. There are four tribal, several commercial and one riverboat casino that you can visit.

If an online casino does manage to get its hands on a license for Iowa, you will be able to find out more information here.

Does Iowa Allow People to Play Poker Online?

The state of Iowa currently does not allow Online poker. Just like with casinos, the state needs to regulate any online poker sites before they accept players from the Hawkeye State. So far no sites that offer this card game have received any regulations. Residents in IA will need to wait until some changes to the law occur before they can freely play poker at these sites.

Changes in other states might lead to restrictions lifting in Iowa. Other states like Nevada and Delaware have legalized gambling through online poker tournaments. Players there can even play in games run across multiple states that allow online poker. Lawmakers in Iowa are watching these developments closely, and should things prove favorable in other states, this might sway them to introduce new bills targeting online poker in IA.

In the meantime, some online poker sites claim to accept players from across the US. Like with the online casinos, you should not engage with these sites until the government in Iowa regulates them. If you want to try a game of poker, you can always head to one of the many casinos around the state that offer poker rooms.

Should legislators introduce any changes to the law soon, you will be able to find them on this page.

The Top Daily Fantasy Sports Sites in Iowa

Following Iowa’s sports gambling regulations, attention turned to fantasy sports. On May 13th, 2019, Governor Kim Reynold signed a new law legalizing fantasy sports in the Hawkeye State. Sign up to one of our favorite fantasy sports operators here to get playing in IA.

What’s New with Daily Fantasy Sports Sites in Iowa?

Fantasy sports contests are a fantastic pastime for many Americans and more and more states are looking to introduce these games to their jurisdictions. For now, players in Iowa have a choice between two of the major providers; DraftKings and FanDuel. The State granted DraftKings a license in October 2019 with FanDuel’s arriving a few months later in December.

If you are searching for collegiate fantasy sports, lawmakers in Iowa are keeping you waiting a little longer. They estimate that college fantasy sports games will launch in May 2020. For now, players can enjoy the many professional games offered by these providers.

How Does the Iowa State Lottery Work?

The legislation for the Iowa Lottery passed in April 1985, with the first tickets going on sale on August 22nd of the same year. People celebrated this lottery launch at the Iowa State Fair and more than 6.4 million tickets were sold for its first ever game.

Unlike in many other states, players must be 21+ to participate in games. Iowa was the first state to introduce this restriction, signing it into law in 1994. Players can choose from several daily games with small prizes. They can also take part in the multi-jurisdictional games Mega Millions, Powerball, Lucky for Life, and Lotto America.

Players cannot purchase tickets online, but can buy them from many retailers around the state. To check the winning numbers, you can head to the lottery website, their social media, or the LotteryPlus app. Through the app, you can also join the free VIP Club for exclusive promotions and second-draw competitions.  

What You Should Also Know About Gambling in Iowa

Part of the money raised from the Iowa Lottery goes back into the state. The state invests most of the money into its General Fund which it uses for many projects state-wide. The lottery has given approximately $1.7 billion to the General Fund since its launch.

Some of the other projects that benefit from the lottery include the Iowa Veterans Trust Fund. It looks after veterans and their families and receives approximately $2.5 million each year. In July 2019, a portion of the lottery went to the Public Safety Survivor Benefits Fund. This fund was set up to aid the families of police officers and firefighters in IA who die in the line of duty.

Any casinos in Iowa that wish to open a sportsbook will need to pay $25,000 for a sports betting license plus a $15,000 annual renewal fee. The state will also tax any revenue earned by sportsbooks by up to 22%, though many people think that it will tax most of them at a very reasonable 6.75%.

How Will Gambling in Iowa Progress?

In Iowa, gambling attitudes are shifting to a positive viewpoint when it comes to betting online. The launch of sportsbooks and daily fantasy sports operators has proven to be a success. Hopefully, we will also see regulated online casinos and poker come to the Hawkeye State in the next few years.

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