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Top Sports Betting Sites in Nevada

For a very long time, sportsbooks in the state were the only place you could bet on sports legally in the US. While that may have changed now, you can still find some great odds on offer from online sites in the state. Sign up to one of our favorite sports betting sites in NV here.

The History of Sports Betting Legislation in Nevada

It was the first state to legalize sports betting way back in 1949. It was one of the few states excluded from the 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PAPSA) as this law sought to limit the expansion of sports betting. For a long time, if you wanted to bet on sports, one of the few places you could do so legally was by gambling in Nevada.

At first, sports betting was only available from independent sportsbooks known as Turf Clubs. They had an agreement with the casinos that both parties would stay away from each other’s markets. Though this worked very well initially, in 1975 Frank Rosenthal, owner of the Stardust Casino, convinced local legislators to alter the state’s sports betting laws so casinos could run sportsbooks. Soon, nearly every casino had a sportsbook, driving the Turf Clubs out of business.

Is online sports betting legal in Nevada? Of course, it is! Nowadays online sports betting is available from nearly all the major casinos. Many of these also provide sports betting apps. This makes online gambling in the state even easier as many people can just whip out their phones if they want to make a bet. These apps use geo-fencing to determine that users are within the Silver State’s borders. In 2019, the state’s sportsbooks took $5.3 billion in bets. This gave them a gross revenue of $329.14 million overall.

Are Online Casinos Available in Nevada? 

One might expect that a state with such an enthusiastic approach to gambling would also allow its casinos to run online operations. However, this is not the case in NV. Online casino sites are not regulated at a state level and no gambling licenses have ever been issued to an online site. If players are looking to indulge in some gambling in Nevada, they are going to have to head to one of the many iconic brick-and-mortar casinos.

Of course, some online casinos claim to offer play for Nevada’s residents, but It is important to remember that the lawmakers have not regulated it in any way. Many of these sites are based offshore and there is no way to guarantee that they are safe for players. There is a real chance that such sites might sell your data or wrongfully withhold your winnings.

There is an alternative way to enjoy everything a Nevada online casino has to offer, without gambling. The myVEGAS app is a “free” casino app from MGM resorts. You can play a variety of slots for free here. Though the funds auto-generate, there is a shop with micro-transactions where you can buy more. By using this app, you can earn rewards that boost your experience at MGM casino locations. From free hotel rooms to comped meals, an app like this could be a great way to improve your experience of gambling in NV before you even get there.

So, will we ever see online casino gambling in Nevada become a reality? There are no new bills on their way for legislators to look at. However, the popularity of Las Vegas and Reno’s casinos shows no signs of declining. In this digital age, we can only expect that interest in online casinos in the Silver State will grow. In a few years, we may see the first license granted to one of the major brands. For now, you can always head to one of the state’s many land-based ones to enjoy a game. If any online casinos receive a license from Nevada’s lawmakers, you will be able to find more information on this page.

Nevada’s Top Poker Sites

Online poker has been legal in Nevada since February 2013. Check out some of our favorite destinations for online poker in the Silver State here.

Online Poker in Nevada

Given the popularity of poker as a form of gambling in Nevada’s casinos, it is not surprising that players are also allowed to enjoy the game online. Bill AB 114 allowed legislators to grant licenses to online poker operators so they could offer their games to the state’s residents in a safe and regulated manner. This made it the second state to legalize it, just behind Delaware.

One of the most crucial parts of this bill is that unlike other forms of online gambling in Nevada, you do not have to be in the state itself to play. If you are in another state that has legalized online poker, you can play the Silver State’s games. This is key for players who want to enter the World Series of Poker but might not be able to make it to Vegas in person for a tournament. The WSOP has even introduced online-only tournaments that allow players to earn bracelets if they win these specific competitions.

Are Daily Fantasy Sports Sites Permitted in Nevada?

In Nevada, daily fantasy sports are considered a form of gambling. Though gambling is legal in the state, operators need to obtain a license from the state government before they can offer their products either online or in a brick-and-mortar location. Due to this, the major fantasy sports operators pulled out of NV in 2015 and have not accepted players from this state since.

So, while fantasy sports in the state are technically legal, there are no operators who want to apply for these licenses. FanDuel and Draftkings, two of the largest fantasy sports operators, took part in a hearing about the licensing issues with the Nevada Gaming Policy Committee in 2016. They wanted to introduce some reforms that would change the state’s views on fantasy sports, but these fell through.

The state continues to invite operators to apply for licenses, however unless some changes are made to regulations, Nevada’s residents won’t be able to participate in online fantasy sports any time soon. If something does change, you will be able to find updates on this page.

Does Nevada Have an Online Lottery?

There is no lottery in Nevada, making it one of six out of the fifty states in the US that does not offer a state lottery to its players. While gambling has been a long and prosperous part of the state’s history, the same cannot be said for lotteries. According to the current state constitution, politicians cannot introduce a lottery. Should lawmakers want to introduce it for the people of Nevada, it would most likely appear as a referendum question, as has been the case in other states.

A lottery would be very beneficial for the people of Nevada as the proceeds raised could be put back into the state. Others that have a lottery have raised billions of dollars that have gone back into projects that keep the state running. From education and scholarships to pensions, residents of the Silver State could see plenty of return even if they never buy a lottery ticket personally.

If legislators bring forward a lottery referendum in Nevada, you will be able to track its progress on this page.

Other Important Gambling Facts About Nevada

You must be at least 21 years of age to gamble anywhere in the Silver State, be it online or in a brick-and-mortar establishment. Following a change to the law in 2001, you can also bet on college sports including teams from the University of Nevada (Reno) and UNLV. Since 2015, sportsbooks have also offered Olympic sports betting.

Nevada taxes all types of sports bets at a rate of 6.75%. The state uses this revenue in several areas such as education. Its casinos also make many charitable donations each year to help enrich the lives of Nevada’s residents.

The Future of Online Gambling in Nevada

Regulations in the Silver State might be strict, but they have allowed residents and tourists alike to enjoy gambling in safe environments for decades. Following the success of online sportsbooks and poker games, we would love to see lawmakers extend this to casino games and other areas. Before long, Nevada might be one of the few states in the US to offer all forms of online gambling under safe, regulated conditions.

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