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Legal Betting in Kansas

Gambling in Kansas isn’t as widespread as in some states, but there are some options for bettors to choose from. Daily fantasy sports sites operate in the state, while casinos (both tribal and commercial) and a state lottery provide land-based options. Kansas has also made progress on sports betting, though lawmakers have yet to pass a bill legalizing sportsbooks at this time.

Gambling in Kansas isn’t as widespread as in some states, but there are some options for bettors to choose from. Daily fantasy sports sites operate in the state, while casinos (both tribal and commercial) and a state lottery provide land-based options. Kansas has also made progress on sports betting, though lawmakers have yet to pass a bill legalizing sportsbooks at this time.

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Online Sports Betting in Kansas

At the moment, sports betting is not legal in the state of Kansas. However, at least two bills were introduced in 2020 that aimed to change this fact.

The first was Senate Bill 283, which allowed for Kansas online sports betting as well as in-person betting at casinos in the state. Featuring relatively low taxes and up to two licenses per casino, the bill proved popular among both operators and legislators, passing by voice vote in the Kansas Senate.

Unfortunately, both Governor Laura Kelly and House legislators opted for a bill that would impose slightly higher tax rates, as well as allow lottery vendors to offer sports betting products, giving the state more direct revenue from sports betting. It’s unclear if either bill has a chance to pass in 2020, especially after the coronavirus pandemic interrupted the legislative session. However, the momentum from these bills means that hopes are high for Kansas sports betting to come online in 2021.

Online Casinos in Kansas

Unfortunately, online gambling in Kansas is highly limited. There are no legalized Kansas online casinos, and there are unlikely to be any efforts to change this soon. Instead, legislators have seemed more interested in protecting the land-based industry than expanding online gambling.

In fact, in 2013, a bill was even floated in the Kansas House that would have specifically banned online gambling, instituting harsh penalties – potentially including jail time – for those who violated the law. While that bill didn’t pass, it showed that the environment for most forms of online gambling in Kansas is highly unfavorable.

Online Poker in Kansas

Kansas online poker finds itself in much the same place as other forms of online gambling in the state. There has been no movement to allow people to play poker online in Kansas, and there are no signs that legislators will take up the issue anytime soon.

Should there be any updates regarding the legal status of online poker in Kansas, you will be able to read about them on this page.

Top Kansas Daily Fantasy Sites

Daily fantasy sites have been considered legal gambling in Kansas since 2015, and most major operators offer games on their site. If you’d like to play Kansas daily fantasy sports games, the best place to start is by signing up with our top-rated DFS site in the state!

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Daily Fantasy Sports in Kansas

Daily fantasy sports are one of the only kinds of fully legal online gambling in Kansas. While DFS sites were never strictly illegal in the state, they occupied a grey area in Kansas in their early years, similar to the situation in most jurisdictions across the United States.

That changed in 2015 when House Bill 2155 was passed by the Kansas legislature and clarified that real money fantasy sports were legal in the state. But this was far more than a Kansas daily fantasy sports law, as it also clarified that other gambling activities like bingo, raffles, and charitable gaming operations were legal as well. The bill ensured that there would be no legal challenges to daily fantasy sports in Kansas, and today, all major operators offer DFS games in the state.

Online Lottery in Kansas

While a lottery exists as one of the main forms of gambling in Kansas, there are no online ticket sales or other lottery products sold over the internet. For the most part, it doesn’t appear that the Kansas Lottery is looking to expand online anytime soon. Commercial casinos in the state also operate under contract with the Kansas Lottery.

However, there could be an exception when it comes to sports betting. In one of the Kansas online sports betting bills that was considered in 2020, the Kansas Lottery would be allowed to offer sports betting through its retail locations. Since there were multiple sports betting bills considered and compromise seems inevitable, it’s certainly possible that the Kansas Lottery could gain the right to offer online sports betting in the future if it is approved in the state.

Other Important Gambling Facts for Kansas

Modern gambling in Kansas began in 1986 when voters in the state approved a constitutional amendment that allowed for the creation of a lottery. Since then, the Kansas Lottery has offered its drawings and scratch-off games, as well as interstate lottery games like Powerball and Mega Millions.

Casino gambling in Kansas began in 1996 when the Golden Eagle Casino opened on the Kickapoo Reservation. In 2007, Kansas lawmakers passed the Kansas Expanded Lottery Act, which allowed for up to four commercial casinos to be built in the state. Kansas does not offer pari-mutuel betting at any race tracks in the state, though off-tack betting is available.

Online Sports Betting can be Legalized Soon

While online gambling in Kansas may be limited, the fact that daily fantasy sports sites are available is a definite plus. Also, it appears highly likely that Kansas online sports betting will become a reality sometime soon, perhaps by 2021.


Yes, there are several forms of legal gambling in Kansas. These include daily fantasy sports websites, casinos, and a state lottery.

All lottery games in Kansas are available at age 18, as are most daily fantasy sports games (the state has not set a minimum, but most DFS sites have a minimum age of 18). However, gambling at Kansas casinos or off-track betting locations is limited to those aged 21 or over.

At the moment, the only type of legalized online gambling in Kansas is daily fantasy sports, which are fully legal under state laws. Most major DFS sites offer their contests in the state.

Legalized sports betting is not currently available in Kansas, either online or at retail locations. However, many lawmakers have supported Kansas online sports betting bills in 2020, raising hopes that legalized wagering could come sooner rather than later.


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