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Gambling in Maine

Gambling in Maine has slowly become regulated over the years. With two casinos and daily fantasy sports flourishing in the Pine Tree State, attention will no doubt turn to the legalization of online gambling and casino games. With sports betting bills repeatedly being introduced, changes to gambling regulations in Maine are on the horizon.

Gambling in Maine has slowly become regulated over the years. With two casinos and daily fantasy sports flourishing in the Pine Tree State, attention will no doubt turn to the legalization of online gambling and casino games. With sports betting bills repeatedly being introduced, changes to gambling regulations in Maine are on the horizon.

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Online Sports Betting Maine

For now, sports betting in Maine is prohibited. There have been moves to legalize sports betting before, but they have all failed to become law. The latest move to make Maine sports betting legal was LD 553. This bill was rejected by Governor Janet Mills and the bill was returned to the two bodies of the state government. The Senate voted to overturn the veto, but the House upheld it, meaning that the bill failed to make it into law.

This is just the latest betting legislation to get vetoed by lawmakers in Maine. Sports betting online has flourished across the US since the overturning of the 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act in 2018. Sports betting has become legal across other areas of New England, but it is still a prohibited form of gambling in Maine.

Should lawmakers manage to pass a law, not only will they be able to introduce safe and regulated forms of sports betting, but they will also be able to prevent Maine residents from traveling across the state border into New Hampshire to place sports bets. The revenue earned from legalizing sports betting in Maine can also be put back into the state for several projects.

Should legislators introduce another sports betting bill in the future, you will be able to find more information on this page.

Online Casinos Maine

Anyone wishing to try casino gambling in Maine are in luck. There are two casinos in the state that players can head to; the Oxford Casino in Oxford and the Hollywood Casino Hotel & Raceway in Bangor. The latter is also one of the two racetracks in this state, the other being Scarborough Downs in Scarborough. Pari-mutuel wagering on harness racing is a legal form of gambling in Maine and can be found at both the racetracks.

Following a referendum in 2003, slot machines at racetracks were legalized. However, the residents of Scarborough rejected this, so slots were only introduced at Bangor. More legislation the following year introduced table games and made the Hollywood Casino the only full gambling casino in Maine.

Though the state has four federally recognized tribes, they do not have the rights given to other tribes in the US through the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act. This law is superseded by the Maine Indian Claims Settlement Act instead. Though they cannot operate casinos, the tribes can offer high-stakes bingo games instead.

In Maine, online casino play is currently unregulated. Players may occasionally find a site that claims to offer an online casino for Maine players. However, since those sites are not regulated by the state government, they should not be considered safe.

Should any bills appear that could regulate and legalize online casino gambling in Maine, you will be able to follow updates here.

Online Poker Maine

As with online casinos in Maine, online poker is similarly unregulated. If you are searching for some live poker games, you can head to the Hollywood Casino in Bangor as they have poker rooms there.

When it comes to internet games in Maine, online poker law in the Pine Tree State is in something of a gray area. There are technically no laws prohibiting online poker. However, the lack of regulations means that these sites cannot be considered safe.

Should an online casino bill be put forward to Maine lawmakers, poker will likely be considered as part of the terms. If such a bill appears you will be able to follow its progress here.

Top Maine Daily Fantasy Sites

Daily fantasy sports have been a legal form of gambling in Maine since 2017. Sign up to one of our favorite daily fantasy sites in Maine here:

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Daily Fantasy Maine

In Maine, daily fantasy sports became legal with the enaction of LD 1320 in 2017. Then-Governor Paul LePage chose to let the bill pass into law rather than sign the bill or veto it. This allowed daily fantasy sports to become legal, though betting on collegiate sports is not permitted.

Many of the top providers now offer their games in the Pine Tree State. FanDuel and DraftKings are two of the biggest fantasy operators in the US, and both of their services are allowed in Maine.

Online Lottery Maine

The State of Maine Lottery was set up following a referendum in 1974. It is a member of the Tri-State Lottery alongside Vermont and New Hampshire. These are smaller games that are drawn twice daily. They also have a jackpot called Megabucks Plus. This is drawn twice a week and has a minimum jackpot of $1,000,000.

Players can also buy scratchcards or take part in one of the multi-jurisdictional games played with other states. These latter games include Hot Lotto, Powerball, Mega Millions, and Lucky for Life.

Players must be 18+ to play the Lottery and tickets can be bought from retailers all over the state. Winning numbers can be checked at the Lottery’s official website. Players can join the free Maine lottery club. This gives players the chance to play for second chance drawings and potentially win extra prizes like vacations or jerseys signed by famous athletes.

Other Important Gambling Facts Maine

In Maine, daily sports providers pay a licensing fee of $2500 if their revenue is over $100K. On top of that, these providers also must pay a 10% tax on their gross revenue.

Profits raised from the Maine Lottery go to the state’s General Fund. This is used to support several projects around the state including education, health services and more. Since the Lottery’s inception in 1974, over $1.24 billion has been transferred to this fund. Some of the profits also go to the Outdoor Heritage Fund. This helps to finance wildlife projects and critical conservation throughout the state. Since 1996, the Lottery has given $18.85 million to this fund.

Gambling Maine Conclusion

Though it may seem like some forms of gambling in Maine will never be legalized, a positive attitude is there. Lawmakers are moving closer and closer to the legalization of sports betting, and that may open up a conversation towards online casino games and poker too. With opinions on gambling changing all around the US, Maine will likely follow suit and introduce some new laws soon.


It is possible to engage in certain types of gambling in Maine. Daily fantasy sports and pari-mutuel wagering are both legal. You can also find slots and table games at the Hollywood Casino in Bangor.

The gambling age in Maine changes depending on the activity. The minimum gambling age for casinos is 21 but it drops to 18 for pari-mutuel wagering, daily fantasy sports, and the Lottery.

Online gambling through daily fantasy sports is allowed. Sports betting is prohibited, and there is little regulation to cover online casino and poker games. However, when it comes to the latter, people should still avoid them as they are not regulated by the state government and therefore cannot be considered safe.


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