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Online Sports Betting is Illegal in Utah

Gambling in Utah is illegal, with no significant exceptions. Not surprisingly, that applies to online gambling as well, including online sports betting. That means that you won’t find any legal sports betting sites in the Beehive State, and it’s unlikely that this will change anytime soon.

There Aren’t Any Online Casinos in Utah

As we noted above, Utah considers online gambling illegal, and there have been no efforts to change this. That means you won’t find any regulated online casinos in the state – or brick-and-mortar ones, for that matter.

Utah Prohibits Online Poker Play

Like the other forms of gambling mentioned above, Utah also considers online poker illegal. If you’re thinking about playing online poker in the Beehive State, it won’t be possible, as it hasn’t legalized the practice. Unfortunately, we can’t see them doing so anytime soon, as the state also outlaws live poker.

Utah Does Not Block Access to Daily Fantasy Sports Sites

Given that Utah considers virtually all gambling illegal, it may come as a shock that daily fantasy sports sites are still active here. All the top DFS operators allow the state’s residents to play their games for real money, even without any laws that clarify the legality of this within the state. That’s only because UT is among the many states without laws that either regulate or prohibit daily fantasy sports.

This means that daily fantasy sports exist in a gray area for the moment in Utah. There have been no signs that the state government plans to go after the DFS industry, however it may introduce legislation in the future.

There Is No State Lottery in Utah

Many anti-gambling states make an exception for a government-sponsored lottery, but that’s not the case in Utah where lawmakers have never even approved one. That means there are no lottery sales either in-person or online, and many residents who wish to play it have to go to states like Idaho in order to do so.

Other Important Gambling Information About Utah

Utah restricts gambling to a level beyond that of any other state, including Hawaii, which also bans all forms of it. It even considers social gambling illegal. The population, which is primarily Mormon, has a long history of opposing gambling, and there are no signs that these prohibitions are going to end anytime soon.

That doesn’t mean that some people haven’t tried to bring gambling to Utah – legally or not. In recent years, lawmakers have had to pass multiple laws to deal with what they’ve called “fringe gambling”. This is when various business locations install machines that try to skirt around gambling laws on the books in order to offer games of chance without the state shutting them down. The rapid reaction and serious effort to stamp out these businesses shows that anti-gambling sentiment is still alive and well in UT.

The Future of Gambling in Utah

Most forms of gambling in Utah are illegal, and this isn’t likely to change anytime soon. On the other hand, our top-rated daily fantasy sports sites are all available in UT, giving its residents something to play in a state that is otherwise very anti-gambling.

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