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Online Sports Betting Hawaii

Though other areas of gambling in Hawaii are under intense scrutiny, attitudes towards sports betting are slowly changing. In Hawaii, sports betting is currently prohibited. However, there have been a few developments on a federal level that could bring about something new in the Aloha State.

2018 saw the over-turn of the 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. With this ruling, many states chose to set up sportsbooks and sports betting online. Hawaii lawmakers are well-aware that residents of their state are engaged in illegal sports betting. With the overturning of PASPA, they can now instead introduce some measures that could make sports wagering a legal form of gambling in Hawaii, allowing the state to benefit from revenue earned in this venture.

There is a bill currently making its way through Hawaii’s legislative paths. HB 1107 was introduced to the house in January 2019, by a group of House Representatives headed by Chris Todd. The bill was carried over into the 2020 Regular Session so there is still a chance that it could progress into law.

You can follow the progress of HB 1107 here on this page.

Online Casinos Hawaii

If you want to hit a casino in Maui, you are going to be out of luck since it is incredibly difficult to engage in gambling in Hawaii. Laws in this state are some of the strictest across the US states. Even if you want to try an online casino, Hawaii lawmakers have not regulated any sites and ear-marked them to be safe to play at.

Though it may seem like there is a lot of discourse both in real-life and online, Hawaii casinos might be closer than we think. SB 2669 was introduced in January 2020, by a group of State Senators lead by Gilbert S.C. Keith-Agaran. Though this bill is for the launch of a lottery commission, it would give the commission the powers to build and operate casinos if it wished, making casino gambling in Hawaii legal and well-regulated.

You can follow the progress of SB 2669 here as it heads through the system.

Online Poker Hawaii

Another area that would be addressed by SB 2669 is online poker. Hawaii law currently forbids poker games and there are no casinos on the islands where you can play. There are overseas sites that claim to allow players from America, but these sites cannot be trusted since they are unregulated.

SB 2669 will give the new lottery commission the powers to introduce poker games and these may well be online. Regulated online games, potentially organized with other states that have legalized online poker, would be a great move for the citizens of this archipelago state.

Make sure to keep up with SB 2669 here, especially if you are interested in how poker will be affected.

Daily Fantasy Hawaii

Unlike other states that have enthusiastically embraced daily fantasy sports, these popular games cannot be found in Hawaii. Daily fantasy sports operators left the state completely in 2016. The attorney general believed that these types of games fell under the heading of gambling, whereas most states believe that they are games of skill. As a result, the providers left.

With such limited opinions on gambling, it is unlikely that we will see lawmakers make changes soon. One thing, however, that could change that is the situation in Nevada. Daily fantasy sports operations are currently at a stand-still here but, should they become legalized, this could be key in changing attitudes in the Aloha State. Approximately 1 in 10 Hawaiians visit Las Vegas each year. While attitudes to sports betting and casino gambling may stay the same, regardless of any bills introduced, daily fantasy sports could be an easier change to make.

Should there be any shift towards the legalization of gambling in Hawaii, you will be able to find out about it here.

Online Lottery Hawaii

The Aloha State is one of only a handful of states that does not have a state lottery. Nevertheless, this looks set to change. SB 2669 is just the latest in a long line of bills looking to set up a Hawaii Lottery. If lawmakers can do so, this would have many benefits for the state. States in the continental USA have been able to deliver millions of dollars in projects back to their residents thanks to lottery funds.

Should a lottery be launched, it is thought that the Hawaii Lottery games would include a mix of in-state draw games and entry to multi-jurisdictional games like Powerball. This would bring the Hawaiian Lottery in line with others. Tickets would be available from retailers around the state, but it would be up to the Commission as to whether they would permit online purchases.

The introduction of a new lottery is always exciting. Follow the progress of SB 2669 here to find out whether it will make it into law, unlike its predecessors.

Other Important Hawaii Gambling Facts

If SB 2669 does make it into law, the revenue from the lottery will be put towards education in Hawaii, including grants and scholarships to the University of Hawaii. Many other states have chosen to bolster their education systems with revenue from their lotteries and it should be a massive help to the students of Hawaii.

Hawaii Gambling Conclusion

Though heavy restrictions have been in place for years, it looks like change might finally be coming to the Aloha State. Thanks to the hard work of many lawmakers, residents of Hawaii may soon be able to enjoy all sorts of gambling in a safe and well-regulated manner.

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