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Gambling in Washington

Gambling in Washington State has long been difficult because it has some of the strongest restrictions in the continental US. However, new sports betting laws could open the gates to allow a discussion that would see other forms of gambling brought to the Evergreen State. With sports betting set for launch later this year, progress will be very interesting to follow.

Gambling in Washington State has long been difficult because it has some of the strongest restrictions in the continental US. However, new sports betting laws could open the gates to allow a discussion that would see other forms of gambling brought to the Evergreen State. With sports betting set for launch later this year, progress will be very interesting to follow.

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Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Washington?

With the overruling of the 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act in 2018, many states began to consider introducing retail and online sports betting. Washington State lawmakers decided to introduce this style of betting through the tribal casinos around the state. Many forms of gambling in WA have been highly restricted, but the tribal casinos have proven to be a good way to allow gambling in a safe environment. By altering the compacts of the tribes of Washington State, online sports betting could be launched through well-regulated means.

HB 2638 was introduced in January to the State House of Representatives by a group of Representatives led by Alex Ramel. It was signed into law by Governor Jay Inslee on March 25, 2020. The bill covers betting across several areas, including collegiate, Olympic, and esports events. However, there is no mention of whether this will make mobile or online sports betting legal in Washington State. Lawmakers may introduce a follow-up bill that would explicitly allow online betting in the future.

Though sports betting is now legal in Washington State, the platforms are expected to be launched later this year. Any updates will be reported here as they occur.

Online Casinos Are Not Regulated in Washington

Washington may have some of the strictest gambling laws in America, but there are a few casinos that bettors can head to for games. Many of these are tribal casinos with Class III gaming compacts, allowing them to offer everything from slots to table games. Anyone wishing to gamble at casinos in Washington State should make one of these establishments their first port of call.

When it comes to playing online casino games, Washington State provides no regulated options. There are some providers that claim to accept residences of the state. However, these games are not considered safe and there could be a chance that such sites are not safe to play at no matter what. Unless the legislators officially approve of casino sites operating in Washington State in collaboration with the native tribes, it is unlikely that we will see online casinos become legal in this state.

Nevertheless, there is always a chance that a bill could be introduced that will change this. You will be able to follow such a bill’s progress on this page.

Is Online Poker Legal in Washington State?

As with online casinos in WA, online poker is similarly not allowed. Though poker is allowed in Class III gaming facilities throughout Washington State, online poker is not.

Will we ever see the launch of legal online poker? Washington State lawmakers will be reluctant to introduce any legislation without an online casino to host the games. It is more likely that we will see a continuation of the current restrictions. There is currently a chance that players could be prosecuted for play, so even unregulated casinos cannot be considered a viable choice.

Though it does seem unlikely for now, there is always a chance that online poker could become a legal form of gambling in Washington. Any new bills that could bring this change will be followed on this page.

Can You Play Daily Fantasy Sports in Washington?

Unlike sports betting in the Evergreen State, there is little to suggest that the law will change regarding daily fantasy sports (DFS). Washington State has been one of the few states that have long had strict laws in place to cover these games.

In Washington, daily fantasy sports are considered to be games of chance, not games of skill as other states have deemed them to be. As a result, many of the operators do not offer their products within Washington. Unless the legislators reconsider this stance, it is unlikely that we will see a change in the attitudes to daily fantasy sports in Washington State.

The success of sports betting could be key in bringing about these reforms. Keep an eye on this page for any updates that might arise.

Is There a Lottery in Washington State?

Washington’s Lottery was the second introduced in the western United States. The lottery’s bill, HB 1251, was signed into law by then-Governor John Spellman on July 16, 1982, and the lottery was launched in November of the same year.

Players can take part in several games that draw throughout the week. This includes a Lotto jackpot that seeds at $1 million. Players can also try the multi-jurisdictional games of Mega Millions and Powerball.

You must be 18+ to buy lottery tickets in Washington. These tickets can be bought from retailers around the state and winning numbers can be checked online at their official site. You can also join the free MyLottery360 for added benefits.

Other Facts About Gambling in Washington

The Evergreen State does not collect a gambling tax for casinos, but cities, counties, and towns can collect tax on gambling receipts. This is set at various levels depending on the game, with cardrooms generating the most with a rate of 20%.

While many states around the US allow twice-daily draws, the laws of Washington do not. This can most clearly be seen in the Keno games. Many other states draw their Keno games every few minutes whereas Washington only has a daily game.

Revenue from the lottery goes towards several projects within the state. The Lottery makes it their aim to support as many people as possible. In 2019, $166.7 million was given towards state education, and $13.1 million was given to the CenturyLink Stadium and Exhibition Center in Seattle.

Tribes Hold the Key to Gambling Expansion in Washington

Though it might seem like the legalization of every form of gambling in Washington is a long way off, the state is in a great position to start expansion. Once the tribal casinos have sports gambling in place, that could open a conversation about bringing online gambling and daily fantasy sports to the Evergreen State.


Gambling is available in the Evergreen State. Gambling laws in Washington State are extremely strict, so betting can only be found at regulated tribal casinos.

Online gambling in Washington State is illegal. If you find any sites claiming to offer play, they are completely unregulated and not safe to use.

The legal age for gambling is 18 in Washington, but casinos have the right to raise entry to 21+ if they choose.

As all forms of online gambling are prohibited in Washington, you cannot play online poker for money here.


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