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Gambling in Kentucky

The home of the Kentucky Derby has had some extremely strict anti-gambling laws ever since the state’s constitution was written in 1792. However, changing attitudes and the 2018 Supreme Court repeal of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PAPSA) has a swing in favor of legalizing gambling in Kentucky. New bills are headed through the state’s government and we might soon see them enshrined in law.

The home of the Kentucky Derby has had some extremely strict anti-gambling laws ever since the state’s constitution was written in 1792. However, changing attitudes and the 2018 Supreme Court repeal of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PAPSA) has a swing in favor of legalizing gambling in Kentucky. New bills are headed through the state’s government and we might soon see them enshrined in law.

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Online Sports Betting Kentucky

Is sports betting legal in Kentucky? Not yet, though things might soon be changing. It all starts with the over-ruling of PAPSA. This act, introduced in 1992, banned sports betting across all states except Nevada. Repealing it put the power for legalization back into the hands of the state governments and the Kentucky lawmakers have slowly made changes and watched other states like New Jersey as they introduced their laws.

It is thought that approximately $150 billion is illegally wagered throughout the entirety of the United States each year. With Kentucky being a hotspot for many top sporting events in the US – in the form of the Kentucky Derby in Louisville and NASCAR events at the Speedway in Sparta – it is not surprising that lawmakers want to gain some control over this. By regulating the industry within state borders, it will make gambling in Kentucky a safer experience for players overall.

House Bill 137 will legalize Kentucky sports betting in several key areas, including horse racetracks, the Kentucky Speedway, and sports events with the teams from the Universities of Kentucky and Louisville. This bill passed its House Committee unanimously in January of 2020 and will now head to the House of Representatives. It has also received an endorsement from Kentucky’s Governor, Andy Beshear. LegalBetting will report on the progress of this bill and should it make Kentucky online gambling legal, we will recommend the best sportsbooks for your first bet.

Online Casinos Kentucky

Though many sites claim to offer Kentucky online casino play, there are no sites that are regulated by the state government. LegalBetting does not recommend playing at such sites as players would have no one to turn to should the site choose to wrongly withhold any winnings. The site could even close in a crack-down; resulting in a potential complete loss of funds for players.

Players will also struggle to enjoy casino gambling in Kentucky as there are no commercial casinos in the state. Though there are a few charitable casinos, most players will have to head out of state if they want to play at a brick-and-mortar casino. However, skill-based Historical Horse Racing (HHR) electronic gaming machines are available to play at many of the state’s racing tracks. According to the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission’s 2019 statistics, these HHR machines had a monthly RTP of approximately 91.5%.

Should changes to the law be made to legalize online casino gambling in Kentucky, you will find coverage here on this page.

Online Poker Kentucky

Kentucky online gambling in the form of poker games has always been a difficult issue. In 2008, the state attempted to close approximately 140 providers, including major names like PokerStars, by seizing control of their domain names. While most providers rightfully had their domain names returned, it clearly shows the attitudes of the lawmakers at the time.

The suit against PokerStars and its parent company, The Stars Group, was well-publicized. It was the first time a state had brought legal action against an online gambling provider and was thought to be the single largest ruling against a company in the history of the state, worth a total of $870 million. The suit was overturned by the Kentucky Court of Appeals in late 2018.

While House Bill 137 is focused on sports betting, it could open the doors for the legalization of other forms of online gambling in Kentucky, including poker. State Representative Adam Koenig is the force behind many of these pushes to legalize online gambling in the Bluegrass State and this includes the legalization of online poker.

For now, some sites do claim to offer poker to Kentucky-based players. However, as can be seen from the actions of the state in 2008, this is not accepted by the government. No sites currently offering these services are regulated by the state of Kentucky and there is no guarantee that the sites are safe to play at. LegalBetting will monitor and report on any new bills introduced that look to change the legality of online poker in Kentucky.

Daily Fantasy Sports Kentucky

Daily fantasy sports are currently not legal in Kentucky, but they are also not explicitly banned. Popular fantasy sports providers like DraftKings and FanDuel do offer their products to players in Kentucky but this is not endorsed by the state. Compare this to other states; not only are these providers regulated by the state but, in the case of New Hampshire, they might even have exclusive deals to offer their products.

Until explicit changes come to the law, it is recommended that Kentuckians refrain from playing at these sites. Changes to Kentucky online gambling laws are on their way. Should House Bill 137 become law, Koenig has indicated that his next target for legalization would be areas like fantasy sports. With many sportsbooks also offering some form of fantasy sports, the introduction of new products should be an easy task for both providers and customers who have learned how to use the sportsbooks. Should it look like Kentucky is going to introduce regulations and legislation targeting daily fantasy games, you will be able to find full details on this page.

Online Lottery Kentucky

The state lottery in Kentucky was introduced in 1988, with the first tickets going on sale on April 4th, 1989. Its introduction was a major campaign pledge from gubernatorial candidate Wallace G. Wilkinson, who went on to win. Games within the state include small daily drawings worth up to $2500 and the daily Cash Ball. Prizes here can go up to $200,000.

The Kentucky Lottery also takes part in the multi-jurisdictional games Lucky for Life, Mega Millions, and Powerball. They also offer instant scratch games on their website. You can play the Kentucky Lottery online, via their app, or you can pick up a ticket at multiple retailers around the state. Players must be 18+ to buy tickets and participate in the draws. Join the Lottery’s Fun Club for exclusive games and second chance promotions plus special offers like coupons.

Other Important Gambling Facts Kentucky

Should Kentucky sports betting be made legal, it is estimated that it would bring in an estimated $22.5 million in tax revenue. Bets could be made by in-person at the racetracks or on apps regulated by the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission; the governing body nominated by House Bill 137. Their license would initially cost $500,00 with an annual fee of $50,000 after.

The state’s revenue would come from a 10.25% tax on in-person bets and a higher rate of 14.25% for online bets. This revenue would first go to the cost of the regulation of gambling in Kentucky. Should there be any surplus, 5% will go to tackling gambling addiction and the other 95% will go to a fund for state contributions to public pensions.

Of the revenue earned through the Kentucky Lottery, 64% goes back to players as prizes, 25% goes to the Commonwealth of Kentucky to be put back into education, 6% goes to the retailers who offer the tickets, and the remaining 5% is used to cover the lottery’s administration costs. Since the lottery’s inception in 1989, approximately $1.8 billion has been raised for the state’s general fund and their K-12 educational program SEEK. Another $3.6 billion has been given in collegiate scholarships and grants.

Gambling Kentucky Conclusion

Exciting changes are coming to the Kentucky online gambling legislation. Should House Bill 137 pass into state law, we could see online casinos and daily fantasy sports all becoming legal in the state of Kentucky soon. Should there be any updates on the bill’s progress or the status of the legalization of multiple forms of online gambling in the Bluegrass State, they will be posted on this page.


Currently, Kentucky online gambling is not legal. Though there are no laws explicitly banning play at online casinos that allow American players, attempted shutdowns by the state government have shown that this style of play is not sanctioned by Kentucky lawmakers.

You cannot bet on sports in this state for now. However, House Bill 137 should make this form of gambling in Kentucky legal if passed by Kentucky lawmakers. This will hopefully open the doors to the legalization of many other forms of wagering too.

Kentucky allows charitable casino games but there are no traditional brick-and-mortar casinos in the state for players to visit. Play at online casinos is also not permitted.

Slot machines are not legal in Kentucky as they are games of chance. However, you can find games of skill called Historical Horse Racing electronic gaming machines at many of the major racetracks around the state.


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