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Legal Gambling in New York

Sports betting has been a legal form of gambling in New York for several years now, and new legislation is on the move to make other areas legal too. The states around NY are rapidly legalizing many forms of betting, so we might soon see online gambling become legal in the Empire State.

Sports betting has been a legal form of gambling in New York for several years now, and new legislation is on the move to make other areas legal too. The states around NY are rapidly legalizing many forms of betting, so we might soon see online gambling become legal in the Empire State.

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Is Online Sports Betting Legal in New York?

In New York, sports betting has been legal for several years. A 2013 amendment to the state constitution allowed Las Vegas-style casinos to also accept sports bets if the government ever legalized it at a federal level. In 2018, the Supreme Court overruled the 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA). This was key as it gave state governments control over sports betting. NY quickly introduced the necessary legislation needed to open sportsbooks in July 2019. Assemblyman J Gary Pretlow; a key voice in the legalization of gambling in the state and Chairman of the New York State Assembly Committee on Racing and Wagering, placed the first legal bet here.

While this covered bets in brick-and-mortar sportsbooks in NY, it didn’t tackle the issue of online gambling. Current legislation only covers betting at a physical New York sportsbook and not at online ones. However, new Bill S17 could change this by providing regulation to mobile and online sports betting. This attempt to legalize new areas of sports betting in NY comes from a group of senators headed by Senator Joseph Addabbo Jr.

You can follow the progress of this bill and any other new state legislation on this page.

How to Gamble Legally at Casinos in New York

Perhaps due to the proximity of Atlantic City, casinos in New York have never been particularly active. However, some establishments have opened over the years. In 1993, tribal casinos began operations and commercial casinos followed suit 20 years later in 2013. Several casinos combine racetracks with gambling facilities. You can find many of the Empire State’s gambling establishments upstate. You’ll also find sports betting facilities at many of these resorts so New Yorkers and other visitors can enjoy a complete betting experience.

There are over twenty casinos around the state that players can head to for their favorite games. Many of these accept players aged 18 and above. However, if they serve alcohol on the casino floor, you must be 21+ to play at the casino.

Lawmakers often discuss the subject of online casinos when it comes to looking at the next steps in legislation in NY. However, there have been few bills tabled that could introduce online gambling in New York. In recent years, any bills introduced have died out before becoming law. Some overseas sites do claim to take players based in the Empire State, however online gambling through these sites is not safe. Instead, players should wait for new legislation that will give them a fully licensed and regulated online betting destination in NY.

You will be able to follow the progress of any legislation on this page, once the state has introduced it.

How is the Fight to Legalize Online Poker in New York Going?

Unlike online casino games, poker has always been viewed favorably in New York. Though the state currently prohibits the game, there have been several attempts to bring in legal online poker to NY. Assemblyman Pretlow and a State Senator John Bonacic sponsored a bill that would introduce regulations for poker in the Empire State. Online sites that offered just poker would be able to operate, but sites that offered a variety of gaming experiences would not. However, this bill died at the voting stage.

New bills have emerged over the years, with one of the major pushes being to change the classification of online poker in NY. The state currently views games for real money as games of chance. By changing their classification to a game of skill, new laws will be easier to introduce.

There is some pressure to put this legislation through since legal poker is available in many of the states surrounding New York. Online gambling through poker sites is available in nearby states like New Jersey and Delaware, with players having to cross state borders to indulge in these games. By introducing it to NY, lawmakers will be able to keep the revenue within state borders. In states that have legalized online poker, several types of games allow players to try their skills against opponents in other states. If New York were to introduce similar legislation, this would give players the freedom to play games against people of all abilities while keeping revenue within the Empire State.

The latest bills to legalize online poker in New York are Senator Addabbo’s S18 and Assemblyman Pretlow’s A924, reintroduced this year. If there are any updates regarding the progress of these bills, you’ll find the latest news on this page.

The Top Daily Fantasy Sports Sites in New York

Daily fantasy sports have been a legal form of gambling in New York since 2016! Sign up to one of our favorite fantasy sports providers here.

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New Yorkers Can Enjoy Daily Fantasy Sports Sites

New York classifies fantasy sports as a game of skill. Assemblyman Pretlow and Senator Bonacic filed the joint bills A10736 and S8153 respectively in 2016. With the votes passed, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the bill into law on August 3, 2016.

Most of the popular operators offer fantasy sports. Players in the Empire State can create teams across many different sports with providers such as DraftKings and FanDuel as long as they are aged 18+ and located within state borders.

A Referendum Helped New York Get Its Lottery

The state introduced the New York Lottery in 1967. It is the third modern US lottery, following Puerto Rico’s launch in 1934 and New Hampshire’s in 1967. Before its inception, the state used many other lotteries to fund projects including the construction of New York City Hall. In a referendum on November 8, 1966, voters approved a constitutional amendment that created the lottery as we know it today.

You must be 18+ to play the New York Lottery. There are several daily draw games and a twice-weekly jackpot. Players can also buy tickets for Cash4Life, Mega Millions, and Powerball to play against people in other states.

You can buy tickets from retailers all around the state. Though you cannot buy tickets online, you can check your lottery numbers on the official website or app. Players can also take part in some Second Chance drawings and other opportunities through the official site.

Other Important Gambling Facts About New York

The state of New York currently restricts sports betting on collegiate and high school events, however Senator Addabbo introduced Bill S1490 to allow this at certain regulated sportsbooks. It is currently under the consideration of the Attorney-General.

To operate an online sportsbook in NY, operators will need to pay a one-time fee of $12 million under Bill S17. They will then pay a tax of 8.5% on their gross sports wagering revenue earned in-house and 12% on gross revenue earned through mobile sports betting. The revenue will likely go to the New York Lottery fund, though the state has not outlined any project for it yet.

When it comes to fantasy sports, operators must pay a tax of 15% of gross revenues earned from players in the Empire State, plus an additional 0.5% of revenues up to a $50k annual cap. They will pay these taxes into the New York Lottery fund. Operators will be able to obtain their licenses from the state’s gaming commission.

Lawmakers use the New York Lottery fund to benefit education throughout the state. Since its inception, the lottery has raised over $68 billion and it has invested this into the state’s public K-12 school system. In the fiscal year 2018-2019, this equaled $3.37 billion invested across 650 school districts.

The Future of Gambling in New York

With new laws heading through the Senate and Assembly in New York, online gambling regulations are on their way. While online casinos still seem to be a bit out of reach, there is a great chance that online sports betting and poker games will become a legal form of gambling in NY soon. Residents of the Empire State will soon be able to enjoy many forms of gambling in safe and well-regulated environments.


No, you cannot currently gamble online in New York. The state government is considering online gambling bills that will legalize it in other areas.

Yes, slot machines are legal in New York at regulated and licensed casinos. There are tribal and commercial casinos across the Empire State where you can find slot machines.

Yes, sports betting is legal in New York at licensed brick-and-mortar casinos. The state government is currently considering bills that would legalize mobile play.

You can play the lottery and daily fantasy sports at 18 in New York. You can also play at some casinos at the age of 18, but if the casino serves alcohol then you must be 21+.


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