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The Top Sports Betting Sites in Oregon

In Oregon, sports betting has been legal in some way since before the introduction of PASPA. However, the Supreme Court’s overruling in 2018 has allowed lawmakers to introduce new ways for players to gamble. Sign up to one of our favorite sportsbooks in OR here.

How to Legally Bet on Sports in Oregon

Oregon was one of the few states that had a legal form of sports betting before PASPA’s introduction in 1992. In 1989, the state introduced a game called Sports Action. The state lottery regulated this and it offered residents the chance to bet on point spreads in the NFL for a pooled prize pot. It proved popular for many years, but the state ended it in 2007 so OR could host the NCAA’s March Madness basketball tournament.

Are you wondering how sports betting works in Oregon now that the Supreme Court has overturned PASPA? In October 2019, the state launched the Scoreboard sports betting app. This allows those in OR to gamble online across many different sports. Within its first weekend, they thought that players placed some 55,880 bets worth over $1 million, and it has enjoyed continued success since then. To bet through the Scoreboard app, you must be 21+. The app uses geofencing technology to regulate play, making sure you are within state borders but not on tribal lands to use it.

You can also head to one of the brick-and-mortar sportsbooks located within a casino. The Chinook Winds Casino Resort was the first place in Oregon to offer sports betting from a real location in the state.

Are Online Casinos Legal in Oregon?

Though lawmakers have legalized sports betting here, when it comes to launching an online casino, they are a little more hesitant to introduce legislation. Some offshore sites claim to allow safe play for American customers, however you should avoid these sites. They are unlikely to give any support if a problem arises, and they could even withhold your winnings. Though there are no current bills or changes to the law that could result in legalizing online gambling in the Beaver State, residents should wait until a regulated site appears.

In the meantime, you can head to one of the many legal brick-and-mortar casinos around the state. The tribes of Oregon own twelve casinos offering slots, table games and more. Any of these locations will be able to offer you a great casino experience. You can also stop by one of the locations that the Oregon Lottery regulates. These places offer video slot cabinets for patrons to use, and might be a great alternative for you to try, however you will only be able to play table games at a licensed casino.

With online casinos becoming legal in many states across the USA, lawmakers in Oregon might decide to introduce a bill for debate. If a bill appears, you will be able to follow its progress here on this page.

Is Online Poker Legal in Oregon?

As is the case with online casinos, the state also heavily regulates online poker. Though regulations do not explicitly ban it, Oregon state laws do ban online gambling. Those who support the introduction of an online version of this card game in OR claim that people should think of it as a sociable or skill-based game, as state law allows both of these. There is certainly an argument for people to consider poker a game of skill. This could be a fantastic path for pro-poker lobbyists to follow. For now, the state only allows players to head to a tribal casino for a game at a table there.

Some sites claim to offer legal poker games for players in Oregon, however online gambling in this situation is still illegal. These sites are not safe for players as the state government has not regulated them.

Online poker has already launched across many states, with multi-jurisdictional games proving popular. Lawmakers in the Beaver State will no doubt be watching the success of the other states closely. Legislators in OR fiercely debate online poker in the discussion of gambling within the state, so it might not be too long before they introduce a bill that tackles this. If lawmakers do bring one forward to a committee in Oregon’s state government, you will be able to follow its progress on this page.

The Top Daily Fantasy Sports Sites in Oregon

Oregon was one of the first states to allow daily fantasy sports in 2017. Since then, many of the best fantasy sports operators have introduced their products to the Beaver State. Sign up to one of our favorite providers here.

The Progress of Daily Fantasy Sports Sites in Oregon

Daily fantasy sports are a game of skill in the eyes of Oregon law. This has made it much easier for operators to launch their products in this state. Players can take part in daily fantasy games across several different sports. Popular providers like DraftKings and FanDuel have offered their products to Oregon residents for several years through their sites and apps.

With the new legalization of sports betting in OR, online gambling through FanDuel and DraftKings might be available soon, with both providers having mobile sportsbooks. If they can obtain licenses from the Oregon government, they then can introduce their products to a new audience already familiar with their daily sports.

Playing the Lottery in Oregon

The state introduced the Oregon Lottery following a vote on the Oregon Ballot Measure 5 in the 1984 general election. Following an amendment to the state constitution, the lotto launched in April 1985. It initially offered scratch games and its jackpot flagship game Megabucks. In addition to a few daily games, it also offers the multi-jurisdictional games Powerball and Mega Millions.

You can buy tickets for these games from over 3000 retailers throughout the Beaver State. For now, you cannot buy tickets over the internet, however you can check your numbers online to see if you have won. You must be 18+ to purchase lottery tickets in Oregon.

Tickets and winners aren’t the only things that the lottery handles. It also controls sports betting and some video slots, with its Scoreboard app currently being the only online sports betting provider in the state. Players can also head to select locations to enjoy popular video slot cabinets if they don’t want to go to a full casino.

Other Important Information About Gambling in Oregon

The lottery gives back part of its revenue to the state through various projects. These areas include state parks, public schools, veteran services and more. It has awarded approximately $30 million in college scholarships in OR so far. By investing back into the state, the lottery can enrich the lives of ordinary residents, even if they do not play the lottery themselves.

Though most sports are available through the Scoreboard app, one of the major restricted areas is college sports. Players will not be able to bet on college football or any of the other major collegiate sports on this app, however OR does not fully ban wagers on college sports. Anyone wishing to bet on collegiate sports simply needs to visit a brick-and-mortar sportsbook such as the one at the Chinook Winds Casino Resort. If other online sportsbooks like DraftKings or FanDuel begin to offer their products, there is likely to be an interesting debate as to whether the state will allow them to offer betting on college sports.

The Future of Gambling in Oregon

With the lottery currently holding the monopoly for many areas of gambling in OR, it might be a while before we see changes. However, the attitudes to gambling are evolving in Oregon. New providers and opportunities for online gambling should be available to the residents of the Beaver State soon.

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